No display after repair.

I just tore down my S7 edge to fix the front cracked screen. I removed the back first took out the mother board. I didn't take out the battery, only because the tutorial I watched didn't do so. I probably should've taken apart the whole thing just to avoid the issue im about to explain. I didn't take the battery out only the mother board. I removed the front glass but I think i dug into the LCD while I was trying to remove it, but(not from the back assembly)The LCD was slightly loosened at the top of the screen after I took the front screen out. I didn't remove the whole LCD display. I reassembled the phone back but the display doesn't work. I do get a lit home button and back arrow button, but the display doesn't show anything. I dont have a way to tell. Can someone explain if its just my LCD that needs repaired in this case. As explained earlier, I think I duged into the LCD when i was trying to remove it completely from the unit. I ended trying to take a short cut leave the LCD on there and not pull it off completely. now the display is not showing, do I need to replace it only? The power comes on and I can see the buttons at the bottom light up, but no display. The loca uv glue under the LCD is all smushed in the corners and edges when i attempted to remove it. Also if i may add, the flex cable at the top of the LCD i loosen because there was a strange orange thin plastic cover i tore off when i removed the screen. I removed it because it seem to be some protectant between the screen and LCD. Another thing was I applied some heat to the phone while the battery was still on there, and the bottom charging assembly unit was still attached, but not too much , but Im also not sure if that could. Please help me understand. I ordered another LCD display for a whole lot some other online store that is less expensive than on here, but Im not entirely sure thats the problem. Im just trying to assure by me buying the new LCD display that will fix my issue?

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The 7 Edge is one of the most difficult to do a glass only repair, and congrats to you for even attempting it.

The Lcd is as thin as an egg shell and extremely easy to damage during the separation. My guess is yes, a new LCD assembly would fix your issue, hopefully you bought the whole assembly and not just an the LOCA glue is very hard to keep from leaking into the backlight.

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I will post an update when i get the LCD in, after Thursday. Thank you very much for this tip and answer. I did not order the whole assembly so we shall see how that works out. I hope i can save my self some money like I was intending. I also just wanted to get some practice with it. I just recently started repairing phones, so this tip was definitely helpful. Thank you


You are very welcome, But just a heads some homework on how to prevent the Loca from seeping into the display. I managed to break one lcd during separation and did another successfully only to mess it up by the "Loca leak" when reassembling and haven't even attempted another since. So I have no good advice on that part but maybe posting another question to someone who has to get tips from not repeating my mistake doing it. Best of luck! :)


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