Master Reset with hardware keys..

My phone is Frozen on the Mobile logo that appears when it is turning on. I can restart it by holding the power button down but it goes right to the mobile logo and freezes. How can I do a master reset? I cannot shut the phone off or take the battery out that's why I'm having the issues of resetting it. Please help!

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Try this.

• Hold the power and vol down keys, and wait until the phone reboots into a screen with Android laying down with the chest open. If you get a different screen (i.e. fastboot), try with Vol UP instead of vol Down.

• At the screen that says "No Command", hold the power button, press the Vol Up key without releasing power, and then release the power button a couple of seconds before the phone reboots. This should properly enter something called "Recovery mode". Again if not, try the Vol Down instead of Vol up.

• At the Recovery screen, format the "Cache" partition and reboot. If the phone still freezes at this point, follow these instructions from the beginning again, but use factory reset instead. I have to warn you, you must know your Google account password you connected with the phone if you choose the factory reset option, and you will lose all your data on your phone.

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I pray to God this works..fingers crossed!!! I NEED this phone to work at 8 a.m. I have an important meet and unfortunately my son took my tablet and daughter took my laptop to their grandmothers. .

But wait.. my phone is dead. So, do i follow what you wrote still or do I turn phone on? No, right*


@fallenangel Start the instructions of Holding Power + Vol Down when the phone is "Off". This hopefully gets you into the "No Command" mode where the Android lies down with its chest open.


I was just waiting for it to charge a bit @avanteguarde ..Here it goes..Ahhh fingers crossed ☆☆


@avanteguarde I went through and did all of that it when you know through all the steps that you have put down and it started back up and it froze again. And it's stuck on the Boost Mobile logo and I pressed the volume down and power and it's just restarting it and coming right to this page and freezing in the same thing when I go with the volume and power it period. So before when I had had my phone died and I started you know with it off that helped it being on right now it's not doing anything but just restarting and going back to that page


@avanteguarde also it's skipped the part where you told me you know to hold down the power button and the volume Exedra it just went straight to the recovery screen. I don't know if that's a big deal or not.. So I don't know why that didn't work because this happened a few days ago and I brought it to boost and they did the master reset and it idk??


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