Runs in cold start, dies in run mode

So far I have followed the echo troubleshoot guide.


Spark plug

Air FIlter

Fuel line tune up kit (vent filter, lines, cap gasket and prime bulb)

Rebuilt carburetor so new diaphragm as well

Checked spark arrester, is clear, runs same with it eliminated from system, was very clean.

Drilled out air fuel mix screw cap and adjusted mixture one half turn out till fully open and wouldn't run, too lean)

Adjusted 1/2 turn out (counterclockwise) and tested at each half turn, at 4- 4 1/4 turns out I can throttle it up and keep it running good from about 1/2 throttle up, anything below half throttle, it dies.

Tried fresh gasoline mixture from very reliable station, I've used this fuel for 25 years with no issue.

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I bought my GT-225 six months back, ran it perfectly say, a half dozen times. It then sat for say 6 weeks. After that, it will cold start and idle but the very moment the choke is slid towards RUN it dies. Replaced with new gas etc. My first Echo ran 25 years without a problem, it's hard to believe isn't it?


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