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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6 that was released on September 19, 2014. Model Numbers: A1549, A1586, and A1589

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Water damage - any hope?

Phone fell in pool for 10 seconds. Took it out and dried it as much possible. I put in rice for 24 hours. I then put it in charger nothing happened. I put it back in another 72 hours (3 days).

Now I put it in the charger, and the apple logo came on, then a black screen with colored vertical stripes. Took it to the technician, he opened it up and apparently there was a lot of water on the motherboard etc and all over. He tested the motherboard but apparently it short circuited. Now the phone does not power on whastsoever.

I do not care about the phone. I want my data. And no I do not use iCloud. I backup via iTunes and the last back up was 4 months ago.

Is there anyway to get the data or is it toast?

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You will want to find a reputable repair shop that does micro-soldering.

You can Google a repair shop locally preferably, but this is a specialized repair and hard to find in most cities.

Luckily, there are several Pros here on Ifixit you can choose from that offer Mail in repairs.

Your Logic board will need proper decontamination / cleaning in an Ultrasonic cleaner with the proper cleaning solution to remove most of the corrosion. It will require removing the several soldered on shields to get to about 80% of the components for cleaning and testing.

Water damaged phones can be properly cleaned and repaired for Data recovery in some cases. The problem is that even with proper cleaning and repair, other issues can eventually arise due to corrosion under components so the phone may not be permanently fixed, but possible to repair just enough for Data recovery and then use the phone until some other problem shows up.

If the tech that already diagnosed shorts on the board has the ability clean the board properly and repair them, Id definitely have him get it cleaned right away to prevent further corrosion. If not, get it to the repair shop that can as soon as you can and do not apply power, charge or try to turn on until it has been cleaned and repaired so you don't cause further damage.

For future water damage on your phones, do not use rice. Get the phone apart ASAP, disconnect battery, keep track of where every screw goes, and soak the board in 99% alcohol for about 10 minutes, swirling and gently scrubbing with a soft toothbrush, cleaning the housing, charging port and everything you can to displace the water and get it to a repair shop right away.

Let me know if you have any questions or need a few suggestions on where you can send your phone for repair if you need it.

Best of luck!

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Thanks @teetopp for your prompt and helpful response.

Yes the tech did clean the board, but don't think it's repaired as the phone is not working? (not sure)

I live out of the US and I doubt this specialized repair is available locally. Do you personally recommend any?

Out of curiosity, if I left it in rice for even longer, say another 3 days, would things would've been different?


@lmasterz , You are welcome. First, I suggest you watch this video from @jessabethany :

Rice for any amount of time would not have made a difference. Getting the phone open right away and cleaning or soaking in a Ultrasonic bath or Alcohol would be the only option and not applying power until it had dried inside and out for an extended amount of time.

As for the mail in repair, I would recommend @refectio or @jessabethany first if available because are the Iphone Gurus here :) that most reach out to. But there are others to choose from. Just go to the Pro site here and search for the best option for your location.


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