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The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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My XBOX 360 instantly goes to 2 red lights.

My Xbox 360 instantly shows two red lights when I turn it on—almost like it's overheating. Is this the case?

I just repaired the three ring on it, and it showed up green from the start. I put it back together, and now it goes straight to two red lights.

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how did you fix the rrod?

by Cody

How did you fix 3 lights?

my xbox instantly goes to 3 lights on start!!

by Kush

To fix it the right way, follow the instructions in this video, trust me it works. If that still does not work, try getting this inexpensive highly rated kit on ifixit. Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit

by Sloan Armbruster

Mine is definetly not overheating, does it instantly after being off for days. This occurred when I was putting in an aftermarket computer fan in and I got it connected and then I got this error. Tried thermal paste, inspected the board for shorts, idk what to do.

by martinapowelljr

i have the two red lights only when i'm on split screen with two players, because i have played only with one player for plenty of time and everything is i'm guessing i need to re-paste the GPU...? if anyone have any idea i appreciate it :)

by memitosh

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I fix xbox 360s as a side job. Please refrain from telling users to do the the "overheating fix." Letting the xbox 360 overheat does more damage to it.

The 2 red lights can be caused by various things:

1). CPU is overheating

2). GPU is overheating

3). RAM has cold solder joints under them, mostly the 2 RAM blocks left of the GPU.

I can't tell you how many customers have brought me their xbox 360 for repair after unsuccessfully doing the "overheating fix." I usually reflow the GPU with a professional rework station (the GPU is the culprit most of the time). Xbox 360s which have been overheated repeated usually require that I swap out the GPU, which requires a reball (expensive).

You can find out which issue the console is really having. When you see the 2 flashing red lights, hold the sync button on the console and press the eject button. This will give you some rapidly flashing red lights. Make note of how many quadrants are doing this. Repeat this 3 more times to obtain a 4 digit sequence.

Four rapidly flashing quadrants = a numerical 0

Three rapidly flashing quadrants = a numerical 3

Two rapidly flashing quadrants = a numerical 2

One rapidly flashing quadrant = a numerical 1

With the 2 flashing red lights, you will most likely get 0011 (CPU), 0012 (GPU), or 0013 (RAM).

If it's 0013, you'll most likely need a reflow on the two RAM blocks left of the GPU. The other two error codes might call for a reflow of the CPU or GPU also, but is probably due to the dried up OEM thermal paste.

If you have the 3 flashing red lights, you do the same sequence as above to get an error code sequence (most likely 0102, 0020, 0022, 0110, 0021, 0031, or 0103).

Once again, never, EVER do the overheating trick where you don't plug the fans in.

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Do not buy those repair guides (like the one Peter Andre posted)! They just show you how to do the washers and bolts + overheating.

by pure3d2

hey pure3d2 i did the sync button with the eject and i get 4 red rapidly flashing lights everytime?

by David Davila

I did the sync button and it was 4412

by Dakota Fultz

It's a combination of 3 things: bad solder joint on GPU, CPU (less likely), and/or RAM chips (particularly the 2 chips covered by the GPU heatsink).

You'll need someone to reflow those chips for you. If that doesn't solve the problem, then it's most likely the GPU.

by pure3d2

Is there a way i can reflow them myself

by Dakota Fultz

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If the red lights come on right away and the heat sinks are not really hot, then the heat sinks are not making proper contact with the chips. Either tighten the screws a little more or get the right height washers. you may have to remove 1 washer if you used two before. Remember it does not take long for any electronic item to overheat if the heatsink or fan are not working right. it took my xbox about a minute for the 2 red lights to start flashing if it is not done right

remove the x-clamps

clean off the old past

add new paste

replace the heatsinks with new screws but don't tighten them all the way yet

reassemble the drive but not the fans or case

plug it in and turn it on until the lights start flashing (about 10-15 minutes)

then once it is cool enough to handle tighten down the new screws

The screw should be fairly tight, but no tight enough to strip them.

Make sure that all your cables are properly re-connected. Clean out your XBox and make sure that all air entry slots are open and no obstruction is caused. also, make sure the optical drive is clean and connected right. Also, pay good attention to the two copper connectors that control the CD drive tray....good luck

BTW this is the same answer as I gave to roger on xbox360 first flashes 3 red lights then stuts down and 2 red see if it works and if not, let us know.

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I don`t think it`s overheating. It really does`nt have time. I turn it on, the green light sort of swirls once or twice,the fan shuts off and the 2 lights on the left go red.

by Richard Colquitt

oldturkey is correct on this one

by Cody

take a look at for the error codes and what the red lights mean... which 2 lights are red out of the 4 means something different each time

by pollytintop

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Okay so I got the code 0013(2red rings overheating) month after I did the xclamp fix. Now what I did was I both rubbing alcohol cleaned the old thermal paste from the GPU CPU and the heatsinks and then reflow the ram with heatgun put back together and try it out for 1 hour on BF 3 and the Xbox was tuning quiet like a champ.

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I had the same problem when i did the red ring of death fix but i was able to resolve it by taking off the x clamps off and getting as much stuff off the black chips under the cooling devices as i could. then i put some thermal heat sinc on the chips and now it runs perfectly

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Clean it out using a duster spray which means it cant intake air and if possible open the console and use the duster spray

by Walter

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Hi Guys after searching for two weeks watching idiots butcher their xbox's i found this site. deff the best info ive seen on the net. had no power at all to start with so i took apart the power pack, people call it a brick for some reason, didnt notice anything off in there, no dust the fan worked tested it. so then i took the xbox apart, not much dust in there either. i didnt tack the heat sinks of at this point, i put it back together got power light would be green for 3 or 4 seconds fans on full blast then completly shut down two red lights on left side, orange light on power pack. thats when i found this site to explain how to find out the error codes. good work old turkey. ordered paste on internet, took the box back apart cleaned the chips and heat sink, applied new paste put back together still using x clamps, pluged it back bam all up and working again. i am no expert but i do fix just about anything that is broken. thanks for the info fella ;)))) I do have one question. i got this xbox givin with broken dvd drive, cost me about 40 odd pound , when i put in i didnt work so i took it apart changed all the bits over as machanical fault and got it working, that was before i found out on here i think is that you need to flash it. how step by step is this done please should i ever need to do it at some point cheers ;)))

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I find just by blowing the dust out of your system very helpful. This will also prevent the red ring if you clean out your Xbox 360 at least once a month. This should be the first thing to try because that's probably the only thing wrong with the Xbox 360. I know from personal experience, its troublesome to buy a new system. so give this a shot, I hope I was helpful.

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