Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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iPhone 6 overheating battery and won't charge at all


I've changed whole back case, battery and lcd.. Phone worked normally for like 3 days and suddenly it wouldn't charge anymore. It would stuck on 1% on charger and if disconnected from charger, it would turn off. Anyways, it still could turn on and charge to max 1%. I've carried my phone to three top services in my city and after the first one I couldn't even turn on my phone anymore - like its dead. He said that battery is over drained and the second one said he doesn't know what the problem is, because both of them have checked U2 Chip, replaced battery, checked voltages, everything acts like normal, but problem still persists. Still, the third one said something is wrong with motherboard and they don't have time for investigation, because after placing new battery it would get over heated and discharged very fast. I'm stuck and out of possibilities. Phone is basically new without scratches now, but I can't use it.

Please if anyone want to read my problem above and help me I'd be thankful.


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I may be mistaken here but an iPhone does not normally boot/turn on when there is only 1% charge. If it is already on, it will work until the battery gets down to 1% though.

With a housing change, plus new battery and screen, so much could have gone wrong. There are simply too many variables here to give an easy diagnostic. It also doesn't sound like the shops (the first two) that looked at the phone are "top" in any way. Batteries cannot be over drained; they are charged or drained. There is more to charging circuits than U2 (Tristar) and batteries.

I don't know how comfortable you are troubleshooting this kind of thing so I'm hesitant to give you too much direction. Fundamentally though, I would go bare bones. Start with a minimum configuration (Logic board, dock and battery), connect to an 3uTools/iTunes enabled computer and see if the phone boots and charges. If you have access to a USB Ammeter, you could use that to determine if the phone is really drawing current when it says it's charging.

If things work, then add flexes to see if something causes the issue. If the phone still has the same issues, then you have a logic board problem (could still be the dock though) and you need to find a reputable micro-solderer. There are lot's of mail-in options and most use a no fix/no fee pricing policy.

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If you like I'd be glad to send you phone directly to fix it. I'd pay all expanses and ofcourse fee for your time and knowledge. I don't have anything to lose, since no one want to or 'can' to handle this case. So my phone is just lost.. Leave me your info..


I connected my phone to PC and it is detected. It's in recovery mode.


Now it doesn't even show up on iTunes. Like its completely dead.


Hi Vuk. You can check my profile for my info.


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Bad batteries do drain below their tolerance level... a faulty u2 ic can stop it from charging and a shorted board can cause it to drain below the tolerance for it to show the battery symbol and a damaged u2 could mean it's not charging anyway

Iphone are supposed to switch off when they are below 5% and then when charged turn on at 5% anything lower when they start up usually means a bad battery 1% is usually a bad battery

Phones like to update, I get it a lot where people bring in dead phones that appear dead but show up in recovery mode in itunes. It is possible ur phone wanted to do an update or attempted an update ur battery died and it corrupted the update, especially if u had a bad battery

1, try a known good battery or a battery from a good source lol

2, if you changed the charging flex when u changed chassis use ur old chaging flex and see if the battery goes up

3, feel for heat on the board

4, if it's still in recovery mode do a restore u will loose ur stuff and if it comes up with an error tell us what the error is...

Replace the word u2 in this with Tristar lol

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My phone won't turn on at all. My iTunes can't detect it at all. It's like dead.


Have u tried step 1, 2 & 3??? Where on the board does it get hot??? Where did it get hot??? Whats the history of the phone why did u change all those bits??? Did u mix up the screws? Did the places u took it to mix up the screws lol

Tristar not working at all will also stop it detecting on pc are u using a genuine usb


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