Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Is it possible a screen causes bad battery life?


I've bought a second hand iPhone 6 plus and when receiving it wouldn't charge.

I've previously opened up plenty of iPhones to replace screens and batteries, so i opened up the iPhone only to see that the screen already had been replaced (non OEM part).

Is it at all possible a bad screen is the cause? or should I look elsewhere?

Fun fact: I can charge the phone on an official docking station, but not with the cable directly plugged in the phone.

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Yes absoulately,In the case of changing lcd if there is copy lcd fixed it.Otherwise such problem i don`t hear on

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In short, yes. Bad screens and poor connections can effect battery. It can short or draw more power to defective screen, robbing power from where it needs it.

At Minimum, It does sound like you have an issue with the charging port though from not being able to charge directly with wall/usb charger...or possibly a charging IC issue, but would start with a charging port and then download 3Utools at, connect your device and look at the battery health to see if it's time for a new battery as well.

after repairing the charging port and verifying the battery is good, see if your issue remains from the screen or not and then proceed accordingly :)

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should have specified what steps i already took:

I've replaced the charging port, did not make a difference. Also put in a new battery, same issue.

I'm just a bit hesitant to just order a different screen just to see it's still not working (as it should).

Also: when fully charged, it takes about 6-8 hrs before it is completely discharged. Even without using anything (just having the phone laying on the table.

I do recall vaguely the phone got quite warm at some point, but don't remember exactly where the heat was located.


If you have already changed the charging port and still not charging with wall charger by USB, I would definitely look into checking Tigris and Tristar for possible issues.

Not knowing the history of the phone and having obvious charging issues with a screen you know has already been changed... Not knowing if OEM Charger or some generic charger was used... I would start with the Charging IC's first and go from there. That's likely to cause more of an issue in the near future.


i only own a basic (although with temperature control) soldering iron :p, doing a tristar IC U2 chip is a step too far for me (I think). any other suggestions? (at the moment i'm docking the phone 24/4 and use it as a domotica helper (hey siri, turn my lights on, play movie etc etc) :p


i can't think of anything off the top of my head but maybe @refectio would have another suggestion?


Is the OP capable of connecting to iTunes and doing a full Sync/Backup? That would rule out a Tristar issue IMO. Is it on a domotica charging stand all the time? That must certainly be consuming some juice (PP3V3_ACC ? depending on how the domotica get's it's power).


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