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How can the Community help save millions of water damaged devices

It just hit me that millions of hurricane victims will have water damaged phones, computers and other electronic devices. It could take years to even look at them. Most will be lost because no one can get to them. What can we advise the relief agencies or provide to them to help. I was thinking about kitty litter in plastic bags. This is way to massive for just my thoughts. @kyle what can we, as a community dedicated to helping people, do or advise and how do we get the word out to the public? Tons of innocent rice will be destroyed by noobs.

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I've put a call in the the anti-defamation society on the mistreatment of Rice, popcorn & silica gel ;-}


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Not sure kitty litter will be much better than rice here :-{

The trick is disconnection of the power and getting the dirty water out ASAP before it causes damage. Slowing down the corrosion by keeping the device cold (just above freezing) will go a long way.

If the device is already drowned (most likely here) I think saving the data on it Vs the device will be more important direction, ideally both if possible.

Maybe we can get a collection of used still working phones and tablets which we can transplant the persons data to. That maybe reaching a bit :-}

I'm not sure who and how we could do such a massive repair effort. If Apple and the other device makers are willing to help us help these poor people with the needed materials then we have a shot. Being at an arms length away allows Apple and the other devices makers not to change their policy on water damaged devices and we can likewise limit the repairs warranty being independent of them.

Maybe linking up with trade schools for the needed manpower?

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We have to be aware that a lot, if not most of these devices will be damaged by water that is contaminated with sewage. That is currently the biggest health threat to the area. As repair techs, we can't just attempt to "fix" them like any other device.


Good point!

So if the device is already drowned then it makes sense to shake it out and plunge it into a pail of distilled water with a little bleach to kill off anything.

Even a salvaged device will need some level decontamination. Which then leads to salvaging the data will be the more important than the device in most cases.


Gentlemen clean water is a very rare commodity in situations like this. Whatever has shorted out will be most likely shorted out right at the beginning. I'd leave it in ziplock bags with any kind of liquid even if it is brack water and/or contaminated (which it will be) and place it in some sort of container to stall evaporation of the liquid. Once at a place that can provide the right tools to properly decontaminate I'd start with tons of distilled water and proceed like we would with any other water damaged device.


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