Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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Touch not working for X amount of time after Y amount of sleep

So i recently changed a friends cracked, completely unresponsive screen.

I tested the new screen before getting too deep into the fix, and the touch worked fine.

2 days past, i still have the phone with me, but i noticed the tactile does not work at all anymore.

One hard reset later, it works fine. and then i pressed the power button to put it to sleep, and again right after to get it out of sleep. Tactile did not work anymore, no matter what i did.

Hard reset again, same exact thing, I was able to register touch perfectly un til the phone went to sleep for just one second.

I unplugged/replugged the screen completely, and after that restart, if i left the phone go to sleep for a mlinute, touch would not register for like 2 seconds, left it go to sleep for 5 minutes and touch did not register for about a minute. And now i'm back to the initial situation. Touch wont register unless i hard reset, and one second of sleep bricks everything.

Please help, i am completely lost. I have not done a factory reset or DFU because i do not have my friends passcode. He's coming by to pick up the phone tomorrow so i'll ask him if he's okay with doing factory reset or DFU then

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This is a board level problem and I'm hoping @refectio will be able to answer. I've seen this before and don't know the answer


I read alot about iphone 6 touch disease, but the phone does not have the symptoms of that. It is perfectly straight, and does not have the grey bar like everyone else...

The fact that tactile does not work until the phone goes to sleep looks more like a software problem ? especially because it stops working only for a set amount of time based on the amount of time the phone has been to sleep ?


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Touch Disease does not always exhibit the grey bars. You can check my profile for a link to a blog post I did a while back.

The easiest thing to try would be to put back the original, cracked screen and see if it exhibits the same symptoms. If it does, then you could rule out software issues by doing a DFU (with your friends permission, assuming he/she has a backup). If that doesn't solve it, then you definitely have a logic board issue and that would require a microsoldering repair.

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allright , i'm going to put back the cracked screen now to see if i get the same results


I tested the cracked screen, after 30 minutes i did not see any of the issues i talked about in the post. But i did put back the new screen, and again i saw no symptoms of failing touch like i described even after an hour.

So i'm hoping i accidentally fixed the issue by reseating the connectors ( even though i did that twice already ) or i'm not that lucky and the issue will come back withing two days...

i'll inform my friend that if he gets any sort of problems that he try factory reset or DFU, and if that fails that he needs to seek a microsoldering service


Good work, there's not much more you can do right now.


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