The Wacom Cintiq 24HD is an interactive pen display with a 24.1” screen and 1920x1200 HD resolution. The device can be used as an external monitor or as a pressure sensitive drawing tablet.

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Screen goes black, power still on

My cintiq 24 hd is no longer under warranty. The screen will flash on for a second when I turn it on and then go to black, with the button lights and fan still on. Any idea what's wrong?

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Ok I'll try that. Do you know what the problem would be if I can't see any part of my screen?


Sorry for the late reply! If there's no image at all, the problem is probably connected to the display itself. A monitor specialist may be able to pinpoint it, and he'll be less expensive than Wacom's support.


The repair shop I sent it to said the problem was the backlight. The rest of the cintiq is fine. Problem is they can't find a seller for that specific bulb for the 24hd. Maybe only wacom has it.


Hey, Sean,

I'm currently having the exact same issue with my 24HD. Is there any chance you could give me any more information about what you ended up doing? Did you manage to get it fixed?


Hey Sean,

did you fix your wacom? I had the same issue with my 24HD and just changed the CCFLs against LEDs. Are you interested in how to?


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I just developed the same problem this week and was about to ditch it and buy a clone. Thanks for the tip about shining a flash light into the screen. I see what you mean.

I described the problem to my favorite computer repair shop and they understood the problem and will take a look at it. They never heard of a Cintiq but they knew the problem as it applies to monitors and had a few suggestions to check. I will let you know what they do, if they can fix it. Have you already had your fixed and know the solution?

Hopefully it won't cost $880 like Wacom's flat fee. I don't know how I will carry this 24" cintiq though.

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Hey, Greg,

I've got the exact same issue with my 24HD now as well. Is there any chance you have any more information you could give me? Did your computer place manage to fix it?


I am trying answer fully but the space I am restricted to too few letters to answer. My problem was the fuse on the mother board not the usual ccfl inverter problem. Also REad this information I found from old manbeefjerky. .Greg

The CCFL tubes shine into a diffusion lens which ideally would mean that any one of the 6 tubes if sufficiently bright could illuminate the entire backlight evenly. So replacing them with fewer LED strips is a very simple and viable option.

Simply put the tubes are replaceable for like $5ea and the inverter is basically plugnplay, replacing it with LED to still work with the monitor controls would require very little effort.

Also one last thing, a warning, dont use this monitor with a laptop when its failing, the monitor will be discharging high voltage into ..., your laptop,

heres a link to a picture of the capacitors which failed. When replacing them, re-pot them with pure clear non-acidic silicone. The type used are 3Kv 15Pf, i recommend replacing them with 6Kv rated ones this is a designed flaw.


I wish they have a how to teardown the the LCD and LED replacement guide. The link don't show how, only blabbing on about parts . Where's the tear down stuffs?


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I have the exact same problem with the same model. The backlight of mine is done. Try the following: Switch it on and make sure it shows the image for a second. After it went dark, shine on the screen with a strong flashlight and check if you can make out any part of your desktop. If yes, the image is still there, but the backlight is broken. Mine broke four months after warranty and now I'm faced with a costly repair - or replacement. Both suck substantially...

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Hey Sean (and every body)

I had exactly the same frustrating problem with my Cintiq 24" yesterday and it was solved unbelievably by a technical friend's advice:

As your Cintiq is connected to the pc, restart the pc and as it goes for boot press delet key continously till the Bios screen will appear. Then go to "load fail-safe defaults" then Save and Exit. Pc restarted itself and then Cintiq display turns on.

I personally didn't even think the Cintiq display will stay on if I press delet key during booting. Because before this trick it just blinked for a moment after boot then went black. But when I pressed "Delete" key during the boot, the Cintiq display stayed on and I saw Bios blue screen, then I clicked on "load fail-safe default" then saved and exited ( pressing F10 key) . Then my pc restarted Cintiq stayed on.

By the way if your Cintiq won't stay on during the 'press delet key till Bios' process, connect another simple regular monitor to your pc and do the process then connect your Cintiq to the repaired pc again. So it was a windows problem (at least for me).

Good luck!

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