Announced in March 2015 and released April 10, 2015, the Galaxy S6 Edge is the curved-screen version of Samsung's newest flagship smartphone.

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S6e still doesn't seem to work after 3 days in rice.

I've googled what I should do and rice seems to always be the go to, so I've done that for 3 days and when I plug the charger in it loads fast to 100% then I try to turn it on and it gets stuck looping the Samsung logo but never opens the start menu. Any suggestions? Should I keep charging it? Or will that further damage my phone?

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I take it that it got liquid damage. It hasn't been opened or dried out. Is it synced to a PC or a Mac? Rice as a desiccant is an old wives tale.


Sorry, yes it was dropped in water :( and it hasn't been opened. it was synced to my PC.


I'm going to let one of the younger phone pros help you on this one, @theimedic @refectio. OK boys, do your stuff ;-)


Thank you, I can just imagine how many similar questions you have all answered and I hope this isn't like nails on a chalkboard to you lol. I saw a similar request but the questioner never followed up with his/her results. Thanks in advance :)


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Get you phone out of the Rice and deal with it properly . Shut the phone off and we'll start by tearing the phone down . This guide will help Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Teardown . Clean every connection with a soft toothbrush. As well clean the logic board; use a 99% isopropyl alcohol for all cleaning.Scrub all connections and the entire inside of the phone . Dont use the alcohol on the screen Now is the time to start drying out the phone. Set the screen in a desiccant or silica gel leave it in for several days moving it from time to time to get the max effect from the desiccant. Use a blow dryer on a low heat setting to dry the rest of the phone. Only use a hair dryer once you have cleaned the phone completely with the alcohol. Do not attempt to dry the phone if it’s still wet with water with the blow dryer as this only spreads the water. Replace the battery with a new one considers the old ones done. Clean again with isopropyl alcohol let dry and when you think everything is clean and dry reassemble the phone (make sure to clean the contacts on the screen after removing from the desiccant). Once you've reassembled the phone it’s time to power it on. Hold your breath and hope for the best

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If by change you have access to a ultrasonic bath you would do well to clean the parts in that using distilled water and a cleaning solution


Beat me to it :>). Good answer!


Sorry @refectio I was in the midst of my answer when @mayer called for your attention didn't mean to step on toes


@jimfixer google says that is the same as rubbing alcohol correct? And by scrub, does wiping with a q-tip count as scrubbing?


some use q-tips I prefer toot brush , I actually use an ultrasonic bath but used toothbrushes in the past . As for rubbing alcohol as long as the alcohol content is above 90% then yes its fine but if its a cheaper lesser % then this can cause as much damage as the water . If you don't have access to the ip alcohol or a pure form of alcohol then completely distilled water will work but you will need to clean it more thoroughly as the distilled water becomes mineralized as it cleans and its the minerals in the water that actually causes the damage when the phone dries out . these mineral will cause corrosion to start and the corrosion ends up shorting out the phone


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