The LG G4 was released in the US in early June 2015, as always focusing on high-end specifications and a refined fashion sense that makes it stand out in the premium smartphone market. Each version of the phone will have a different model number based on if it is sold by a carrier or sold by LG as a US Unlocked or International model.

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How do I get the phone working for data recovery?

My LG G4 (H810) locked up, died when I pulled the battery and no longer turns on. At this point the phone is over 1 year old and is almost certainly out of warranty (or any "hidden" warranties). Neither AT&T or LG are probably going to help and I am likely limited to OOW repair. I have a 509K* phone, so mine is one of the early ones that are known to fail.

The problem is it will likely cost more to send it to LG for a repair then it will be to find a good IMEI range phone so I'm not going to even bother. However, I have two problems for the price of one dead phone: My data is stuck on a dead phone. What makes it worse is I have photos of the deceased cat I can't get back and giving up on the phone effectively means those are gone for good. To make matters worse, LG won't help with data recovery.

By trying my luck with getting LG to replace the phone, I'm effectively losing irreplaceable data I can never get back. On top of that I have heard that LG refuses to replace dead G4's with replacement phones that are not prone to this problem and often die in a year like the previous phone. I DO NOT want another LG G4 (and don't want to be stuck in this situation a second time).

Since I am in a situation where some data on the phone is irreplaceable, I don't care about the phone. At this point I just want my data back, even if I may not be able to get the phone repaired or replaced. The data is easily worth more then the phone.

The problem with extracting data from the NAND flash directly is I encrypted my phone :(. The encryption REQUIRES I get the board working for data recovery or I will not be able to recover my data. Since I need to repair the board for data recovery, are they are any known faults with these phones that cause these problems? I JUST need the phone to work well enough so that I can recover my data.


At least in my case, AT&T switched phones without paying off the balance of a dead phone I effectively gave up any rights to repair extensions on to save pictures. On one hand the phone was (nearly) paid off so that may be why. It probably won't be a problem, but I'd be prepared for the worst.

I have checked it months after doing this and it no longer turns on at all, but still charges the battery. YIKES!

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This is what I did:

Read me: The point of this fix is NOT to repair the phone. This procedure is intended for data recovery. Revision 1.0 G4's fail due to a factory defect. These boards cannot be repaired reliably.

The problem: If you send the phone to LG, you will NOT get your data back. If you want the data from the phone, this will help you but may also result in LG denying service or phone replacement.

  • Take the back of the phone off and remove the battery.
  • Heat up the motherboard of the phone evenly. The temperature you set on the hot air station is going to be based on which one you have, but the board should be less then 183 degrees Celsius. Heat the board up for ~4 minutes at the most. Going past 4 minutes with a hot air station may result in board damage.
  • If a hairdryer is used for board reflow and temperature maintenance, the reflow process will work but will take a significantly longer time to get the phone operating stable.
  • Put the battery back in. The phone will not boot without it.
  • Turn the phone on. The phone may complain about temperature and shut down, but this is okay. Let the phone cool down and try again later. More heat may be required depending on how long you waited.
  • If your phone locks up again, put a hairdryer set to low next to the phone on low to make the phone more stable while you are retrieving the data you want from the phone. Note: Assume your phone will not charge the battery. While this will likely be the case it does not matter since the phone operates in this condition. HOWEVER, getting the phone too hot will result in a forced device shutdown.
  • Copy the pictures from the phone to a PC. If you need to recover more data, repeat this procedure until everything you care about is retrieved.

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