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I recently bought an old Logitech Audiostation s-0217a, in very decent shape, and though I could make use of my old iPod touch and make a nice audio system.

The problem with the Audiostation is that its power cable is severed. It runs on +13V-1A, and I happen to have an adaptor with adequate power. The problem is the wiring. The Audiostation has 4 wires -





and the adaptor only has 2.

If I recall correctly, black and red are supposed to be hot, but I might be wrong there. I can do a random sequence test, risking shorting out the AS, but it might be better to get some advice.

So, if anyone knows what the proper connecting sequence is here, I'd be very grateful.


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Are you referring to the wires coming from the power adapter or the ones on the Audiostation? Post some images with your question so we can see what you see. Use Adding images to an existing question this guide for that.


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You can very easily identify which of the wires are for ground at the very least. Strip each wire to expose the copper, then, using a multimeter, set it to continuity mode and touch one probe to the black wire and another to a screw hole or metal shielding on the board for the station. If you hear a beep, then the black wire is ground. This is a very common configuration for wiring.

You can possibly figure out if the red wire is for VCC (where the hot line from the adapter will go) by toning out the red wire from the station to regions of the board. If you can take the unit apart you should be able to very easily identify where each of those wires go to on the board. It's really something where you'll just kind of have to read the board to figure it out. I doubt everything in there runs off of 13V, that 13V is most likely boosted or pulled down to a lower voltage at some point on the board to power logic-level circuitry. If there's nothing glaringly obvious to tell you that the red wire is for VCC (like a label on the board), you could probe for continuity from the red wire to nearby circuitry. I would look for buck or boost converters and poke around them. If you are able to establish continuity then most likely, the red wire is where your 13V goes.

I'm not too sure what white and yellow would be for. It's possible yellow is another VCC line and white is another ground, but that wouldn't make much sense unless for some reason the board was designed with two main power rails.

From what I'm seeing online with a quick search, you can get the power adapters for that exact station for less than $20. Might be better off doing that if you don't want to run the risk of potentially damaging the station.

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Thanks, I bought a used charger and solved the issue that way. Better safe than sorry.


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