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iPhone 7 gets in boot loop. Fixed by squeezing bottom of it.

Hi all,

My iPhone 7 has been intermittently getting stuck in a boot loop. The only way I can stop it is by putting my thumbs to the left and right of the home button and giving it a firm squeeze.

I've tried a full restore...I'm an IT pro so I'm used to fixing all kinds of computer/phone problems, but I'm simply stumped on this one. Given that I have to squeeze it to fix it, I'm assuming it's hardware. I just don't know which component it would be...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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What's the background on this device? Was it dropped or exposed to water. Perhaps a screen was replaced recently...any info helps us understand how this problem may have started.

Boot-looping devices are hard to troubleshoot. It could be hardware or software although in this case it is leaning towards hardware. Can you plug it into a USB ammeter to see if there is any current flow while charging?

I would open up the phone and do a good visual inspection (preferably with magnification) to see if anything is out of place, if you find evidence of water or other debris or if there is any visible damage to connectors or flexes.

Then I would disconnect all of the connectors except the battery, Dock and screen (LCD & Digitizer, do not connect the FCAM & Sensor). There are guides here. Plug in your phone and then check to see if the phone is more stable. If it is not, then you may have a defective screen, Dock or a Logic Board issue. If you want, you could try a new or known-good screen and Dock to eliminate the last variable.

If the bare-bones approach works, then add one flex at a time until the problem reappears and replace the defective component. I would start with the Rear Camera, Volume & Power Button, Front Camera and Sensors.

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Thank you for your response. I think I'll go with your recommendation to open and inspect. I have to replace the screen anyhow since I cracked it a few weeks ago (this was AFTER the boot loop issue started). No major trauma to the phone around the time the problems started. It Got in the boot loop very frequently then kinda stopped after a few days. It seems to be mainly triggered if I have to reboot the phone or trying to power it up after it runs out of batteries.

I may replace the home button since that's the area I have to squeeze to pull it out of the loop..and they're super cheap.

Anyways, thanks again!


If I remember correctly, on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the home button is not truly replaceable, even with an aftermarket home button, it won't work as a button. They were changed on this phone and both touch id or the regular home button function won't work if they are replaced.


Good point Carlos, I've edited my answer. You should add a username to your profile so that we can tag you in comments or answers.


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I have this issue, Phone was bootlooping did a restore to the phone and it booted like normal. Couple of days ago the phone battery died, upon charging the phone it started boot looping again and will not start as normal. Any Ideas?

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I’m having the exact same issue. I dropped the phone and it stopped working. When I plug it in, I got the apple boot screen loop. But If I press firmly into the screen and hold it, the phone will boot up showing 1% battery (it was full when I dropped it). When I let go of the screen and take the pressure off, it dies again.

I took it to the apple store and they told me that the boot screen loop is never battery related. They said it’s a broken logic board, and that they don’t replace those. So, my only option is to replace the phone.

I found this strange, since they wouldn’t even open to phone to look at it. But that’s what they said.

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