My MacBook Air has multiple coloured lines down it. How do I fix it?

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Two days ago I made the stupid mistake of not pushing down the lid on my water bottle so it leaked all over my schoolbag and made its way to my mac. I found the leak about 30 minutes after it happened. I quickly dried all visible water but when I opened my MB to check if it was ok I found 3 coloured sections down my screen. The row closest to the right is constantly moving. If I tried to log in it wouldn't let me. After school I put it in rice for a couple of hours and the took it out because rice was getting into the MB through the air vents. I let it sit out the whole night and in the morning I still couldn't log in. I tried pressing Command+Option+P+R till it restart again and afterwards the MB let me log in. The computer is fine I think. I can use safari and stuff but moving the cursor is confusing. Its like opposites. The row furthest to the right still moves continuisly. I can move the cursor freely in the non 'coloured' spaces but not on the 'coloured'. I think the screen is the problem. How do I get rid of the coloured rows down my screen? Please help me. I just got this MB 6 months ago and Ive already created problems with it. Any suggestions are appreaciated

Ps- yes that is arcade ahri as my screensaver

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First Rice is useless with a wet device - Old urban legion. Here's a good vid explaining: Rice as a treatment for water damaged phones is a myth--Here's what to do instead Same treatment for laptops.


Please tell us exactly which MBA 13" this is. Option differ on models and certainly guides.


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At this point you'll need to open the system up to really clean and dry it out properly. You may want to see if you can find a local repair shop willing to work on your system if you don't think you're up to the job.

In the mean time don't use your system! In fact open it up enough to disconnect the battery and then put the system is a cool dry place to slow the corrosion damage.

As you didn't tell us what your exact model is I can't guide you how to pull the cover and disconnect the battery.

Rice or the little packet of silica gel desiccants can only pull moisture out of the air. They are useful when you pack your camera going in and out of a humid environment which is why you see them used in packing of new equipment.

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