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iPhone 7 Plus - Front Camera + Proximity Sensor causing malfunctioning

I did a iphone 7 plus screen replacement today & for some reason the phone starts to malfunction everytime I have the Front Camera + Prox Sensor ribbon cable attached. When attached the phone lags, the home button does not work - it shows the accessibilty icon to use as a home button, and the phone acts very weird.

At first I thought it was the replacement screen but I replaced all the part on the original screen that was cracked & I am getting the same issues.

When I disconnect ONLY the Front Camera + Prox sensor Ribbon cable, leaving the two other ribbon cables connected the phone functions perfectly fine. Home button works again, screen is 100% responsive with no lag at all. The phone works perfect.

The issues only occur when I have front camera + prox sensor connected.

I tried the original screen that was cracked & two other replacement screens. All get the same results as I just listed.

As long as the front camera + prox sensor isnt connected the phone functions perfectly, cant find a problem.

Does anyone have a solution to this? Unfortunetley I was unable to try a new proximity sensor + front camera because I did not have any on me.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I have searched the web but cannot find a solution.

I disconnected the battery before I removed all 3 ribbon cables, as I do with every repair.

Help would be greatly appreciated ! =D

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Try to use new Flex.. new front camera flex


I have used a new flex for this same issue. Sometimes it resolves it but not every time. Hope trying the flex works for you!


We are running into this issue as well. Camera sensor and mic flex causing hardware check failure in iPhone 7 Plus, so you just see the apple logo reboot itself and repeat. When this flex is pulled, system will boot. When it attached, it does not. Even with new flex. Same issue.


We have been running into this issue at work as well with the 6 models. We believe its the aftermarket parts. Yesterday we had phones boot looping, as soon as we unplugged the prox+frontcamera flex ONLY the phone went to working completely fine. I do not know why but this is what we found so far. Will update if we find the exact solution.


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I found the fix!

So I figured out that I was NOT connecting the proximity/front camera ribbon cable fully. It was 75% connected. I kept disconnecting then reconnecting the ribbon cable..Then finally I gave it one final press & I felt the ribbon cable click into place. Fixed!

I was mostly confused on how the phone was reacting with the proximity/front camera cable partially connected. When it was partially connected - the phone would malfunction. It did not recognize the home button which automatically put on assisstive touch. Then the screen would have tremendous lag when switching through panels.

All in all, make sure that proximity/front camera ribbon CLICKS into place! It may look as if the cable is flat, connected but the right side was not fully connected.

I did not even need to use the new replacement proximity/front camera.

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very good.

Always share the solution with us.

I had almost the same issue yesterday.

I couldnt start my iPhone 7 Plus, it kept on Apple Logo and didnt boot all the time.

Then I saw the dock-connector flex cable wasnt fully plugged on logicboard, when I removed it, it started.

Then I put it back again (correctly this time) and it started and worked fine.


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Try new front camera flex

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I will give that a try! thanks.


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Thank you! I was so confused why it was so laggy and unresponsive when camera flux was plugged in. Camera flux cable was actually plugged in upside down so it wasn't functioning properly.

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I have the same issue. First I was having issues with my microphone. It doesn't work at all. I can't use Siri, I can't talk on the phone, I can't record voice memos. Anyway I opened the phone to see if any ribbon cables we're disconnected or if something stood out but nothing. Upon closing the iphone back up it wouldn't turn on anymore. It's stuck on the Apple boot logo. I tried a restore and the restore was successful but still the iPhone is on boot logo loop. Does anyone else have an alternative solution? Ive been repairing iphones for a very long time and this has never happened before. Luckily it was my own phone I was working on this time and not a customer's phone. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

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double check all the connections. Disconnect everything then reconnect everything. You may have a connection not properly connected. Iphone 7 models seem to malfunction the entire phone even if just one sensor is off for some reason.

If you experiecned these issues and its the first time opening this device it seems like you have either a defective phone or the new great iOS 11 has messed up your phone along with all of our phones (my iphone 7 turned to sh*t with the new iOS 11 update) so many problems I dont even want to list.

That is why I bought the pixel 2 and am selling this iphone 7.

Apple messed up big time with this iOS release!


No it's not the first time I open this iPhone. I actually opened it in the past because I changed the body from gold to red. It was working fine until the microphone/speaker problem. I delt with the issue for a couple months since I don't really talk much on the phone (I mostly use my phone for texts, emails, games pretty much everything except talking on the phone). I finally got tired of the problem though and that's when I decided to open it just to see if I see anything. I found nothing so I closed it and that's when it all went to sh!t. It never came back on after that. I have checked all connections a million times and still nothing. I guess I have to call it a loss huh?


I have heard the front camera andproximty cable getting messed up fromtransfering over . Also some


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