After replacing digitizer, screen will not power on.

After following the guide here on how to replace the digitizer, I was in the process of connecting the digitizer cable, LCD cable, then the battery cable, and while screwing on the thin metal plate that covers them all, one screw popped out and landed in the circuitry of the surrounding board. I saw a few small sparks, and now the LCD screen will not turn on.

iTunes DOES recognize the iPad Mini 2 still, and after a bit of searching on here, I decided to pry off the metal cover over the logic board. Instantly I found a scorched mark on the underside of the metal plate, and if you are looking downward with the Home button on the left and the camera on the right, the scortched electronic is within a cluster of electonic parts on the lower left of what's under the metal covering.

There is an electronic part with "4R7536RAC" printed on it....the scortched electronic is t the immediate left of that labeled part, within a cluster of electronics.

Here is a photo of where the charred component is:

I'm sure someone here will know where I'm talking about. I've heard that this is the fuse of the backlight perhaps, and there's a way to use a jumper wire to get pass it, but I'm not entirely comfortable with doing that.

What can I do now, or is there someone reputable here that I can send this iPad Mini 2 to and have it fixed?



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