Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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Who is the best parts supplier?

I have been purchasing screens off of Amazon and ebay that are labeled as OEM, however there have been several wother defects. For those of you out there who have official repair shops or a reputable business, who is your part supplier? I'd like to buy OEM parts but don't want to pay exorbitant amounts for them, who is the best retailer? This applies to all iPhone models, I just selected 6 plus arbitrarily. Thanks

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Finding parts has been the problem with Apple from the start. They want control. They want a monopoly. They want to force you to go to them for repairs.

They want to put me out of business.

Finding a reliable parts supplier is essential to any business. Now what is important in a supplier to me may not be to you.

Here's what I personally look for: I only want to do a repair once. My time is where I make make a living. I don't want to test your parts, that's the suppliers job. I need my parts in a timely manner. I need the correct part, I want a supplier that is good enough to know there are subtile differences in different models.. I want a clean part. I want my suppliers to speak English as a first language. I want a supplier that tells me how to install the part down to the screw size and what to watch out for. The better warranty I can get the better I serve my customers. So I know to get what I want I'm going to have to pay a premium and I don't mind that, you have to make a living too. I appreciate a supplier that gives me tier level pricing so that the more I spend with you the deeper the professional discount. I want a supplier for the rest of my lifetime. I do not want to have to spend and hour trying to save 10%.

So I have moved as much of my parts buying to iFixit as I can as they address all the above issues. I'm not just a customer to them, I feel like we have a partnership. win-win

As the icing on the cake they have customer support people like @kaykay and @kelsea. It just doesn't get much better than that.

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@mayer Excellent!


@mayer excellent answer as always. Yes, I would suggest buying from iFixit. Great company. Great supplier. Great warranty. Price is adequate. Plus you start working with them. They start working with you. Having iFixit in your corner is pretty nice


@theimedic It may also be that the answer providers are getting better tier breaks, at least that was one of my suggestions about perks for the hard working volunteers rather than pricing being based solely on volume.


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Whose the best? Dude, that's up to you. Buying off eBay and Amazon tells me exactly where you're at in the game. Google American wholesale parts suppliers and try a few of em out. You'll find out who you like. Personally and parts wise. You're going to hav to deal with these people every day. So try to find one you get along with. Has good parts. Good warranty, and a reasonable cost

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Not to mention that true 'OEM/Original parts' and 'not pay exorbitant amount' are pretty mutually exclusive when you don't have large volume.

You could look into refurbishing which will be more cost effective if you can send them true original broken display. As a bonus they are handled in the USA or Europe and offer true customer service.

The stuff direct from China can be very good but when you have to RMA something, some suppliers can be a real pain to work with and they will argue with you every step of the way.

iFixit is good quality and they stand behind their products.


Ok then, who do you buy from? I just want screens that are not ridiculously overpriced (allow some room for profit margin) but still are good quality.


Looks like I'm sticking with the guys I used to buy from, etechparts


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