Acatel One Touch Idol 3 Does Not Turn On & Other Issues

My phone will not turn on. I press and hold the on/off button as if you would to turn it back on, or off and all that does is buzzes after 10s like it would as if it was turning back on. However the screen stays black.

Also. Yesterday it did the exact same thing and was unable to turn it back on for over two hours. But when it was working.. here are more of the issues I found with it.

- Can not send calls. Unsure about receiving.

  • You can type the number in and click dial but the buttons on the screen go grey, (the speaker, ect) The call does not proceed.

- Volume does not change

  • You can click the volume buttons as if to turn the volume up or down and the volume line actually moves as if the change was made, but it does not. Its as if its permanently muted.

- Can not send texts. Unsure about receiving.

  • You can type and send the text but an error comes up every time saying the message was unable to be delivered

- When charging the light does come on.

- When calls are trying to be made, or texts to be sent the phone will shut down after a few seconds automatically. When it turns back on random apps are deleted from my home screen.

- Does not detect my SIM card or my SD card.

  • They are both in. I have taken them both in and out multiple times and nothing changes.

- I have an unremoveable battery and taking it out is not possible. That I know of.

- Occasionally the screen flickers on and off

- When scrolling on the phone, buzzing occurs. Sounds like static and has only happened once. Phone shut down soon after and that's actually what put it into the previous shut down where it would not turn back on.

This has all occurred in a 3 day period.

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