How do I fix a broken 5 way toggle switch?

I have a broken 5 way toggle switch on my kindle 2. I have disassembled the kindle but don't know how to get to the toggle switch. The plastic switch broke in half. I bought this used and believe that it must have broken before and it was super glued back together. It worked for a couple of days broken but now I can not push it in for the enter. It either goes up, down, or side to side. I can no longer go anywhere on the kindle except for scrolling the main page. Amazon told me it would be around 95.00. For only 39.00 I could just buy a new one. Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you

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Please take a look at the teardown and see if you can identify which switch you are referring to: Kindle 2 Teardown


It is the actual plastic casing on the 5 way toggle. It is located in the plastic housing after the teardown shown. It is located on the lower right side of the front of the plastic housing. Lower left if you are trying to get to it from the inside of the casing.


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I would think someone who owns a 3-d printer could make a lot of money making clone switches. The part that breaks is not electronic, but plastic. I have two Kindle DXs (graphite). One has a working button, and the other with a broken button. If I can find someone with a 3D printer in the Philadelphia area willing to make them, I would go into business selling them.


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