Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Question about main battery connector

I did a battery repair for my friends girlfriend, I ended up getting the repair done. The battery cable didn't go in very easily and I may of forced it and caused the main connection to be messed up, but the phone turned on so I assumed I didn't. He alerted me her phone wasn't acting properly the next day, I went and replaced it again with a new battery to hopefully solve the problem. I looked at the main battery connection good this time, on the connection I saw It muffed up the corner, it looked like it was sticking out a bit, so the cable wasn't resting all the way. (believe that's why her phone was not working properly right after I replaced the battery) Knowing that it was totally my fault for messing up her phone I went and bought her a cracked iphone and replaced the screen, I wanted to give that to her to makeup for me messing up her main connection to the battery.

Her boyfriend ended up giving her his phone and getting an Iphone SE before I had a chance to give her the phone I bought. I insisted that I hand over some money to at least make up for the difference he may owe on his new phone.

He didn't really want any money after me offering multiple times but he offered for me to buy his girlfriends old phone (the one I messed up the battery connection) Being I wanted to give him money regardless I said heck yea I would, My question is... What do you think is a fair price to give him and is fixing the main battery connection an easy task? I believe I saw a video that showed some experience with mini soldering is required to fix the connector. Just trying to get someone's opinion, but yes I am sorry for the prolonged story and kinda random question, just thought you should know why I would be buying a phone with a messed up battery connection anyways. (To do the right thing after breaking her phone essentially) Thanks.

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Taking off the battery connector is going to require something that will blast heat well to get it off.

It's quite expensive for a hot air rework station which works great for this.

Sure you could get the job done with just a heatgun but you will need to have a smaller nozzle to make sure you don't blow or melt other components on accident.

Soldering a new one on in my opinion is easy if you have done soldering before.

Just need the right tip preferably a small one for microsoldering.

Make sure to only glide on the solder pads when wicking off the old solder.

Don't push against it to avoid breaking off a pad as they are very easy to break off if not careful.

I think around 450°C with a heatgun should do the trick for getting the old connector off.

Solder the new one on and you should be done.


- Shield the components and connectors near the battery connector to avoid damaging them from heat. I generally use a penny, kapton tape or the heat resistant silver tape to protect them.

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Awesome, yea I work at a iphone LCD refurbishing business and my boss is decent with soldering for fixing backlights on our screens, I believe that's different than micro soldering but I may be wrong. Either way it will give me an opportunity to learn it myself if he isn't familiar with it. But you seem to know what you're talking about, I figure if i can get the phone for less than 100$ i may be able to turn it into some profit, thank you Ben!


I see it's definitely a different process from watching a micro soldering video, but seems like a fantastic thing to learn regardless in the phone business haha :)


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