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The Stylo 2 (model number LS775), the second iteration of the Stylo series, is manufactured by LG and was originally released in April 2016.

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How Can I Recover My Photos and Contacts from My Old Phone?

A few days ago, I goofed and walked into a lake with my cell phone in my pocket. The phone was completely submerged in the water for less than a minute. I found out about it shortly afterward so then, I set out in the sun on a boat for about five hours. I bought rice later on, and put the phone in. This was Monday afternoon. The device made progress from only showing lines on the display, to now where the touch screen is all messed up. I bought a new phone this morning, but none of my contacts or pictures transferred over with my sim card. How can I get these pictures and contacts over? The phone that got in the water was a LG Stylo 2 Pro, and I just bought a LG Stylo 3. Thanks for your help!

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Did you enable google sync? I am hoping you say yes, as Google contacts are backed up into gmail, and photos into google photos if it worked right.


I need my pictures back


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@dogg705 unless you enabled Google sync, there is not a hole lot you can do. this may be a missed opportunity due to such a big delay in proper treatment. Rice does not do anything. It may give you the idea that you are doing something, but it does NOT work. No matter what device no matter what fluids. It is useless. What you needed to do was to disassemble your phone ASAP, removed the battery and your mainboard. Then remove all the EMI shields of your board and clean everything with high grade isopropyl alcohol (90%+). Best would have been of course an ultrasonic cleaning.

By now you are probably looking at shortcircuits and a failed digitizer. Depending on the importance of your contacts etc. you can consider sending this phone to somebody that specialize in water repair. Otherwise, cut your losses and consider this a lesson.

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As you have already read, the chances are slim to none. Because the phone has sat for so long now, plus tinkering with it out of frustration, moisture and pressure points have been created internally making the object obsolete.

Contacts: you can use a sim card retrieval option in debugging mode. If the sim was locked with password it may have become corrupt and won't allow entry. As tough as they are, one mili-micro scratch and it's over.

The other way is to go, in person, and if on contract, to the wireless service provider and clarify you would like to sign forms to recover the last year's worth of calling. Incoming and Receiving. Detailed billing for that amount of time takes a little while and here in Canada, forms need to be filled out for a back log request like that.

Photos: If you are dead set on recovering photos, the suggestions above, from our fellow iFixit members are a start. Hopefully during those time of frustration you learned the #1 rule of all computing; back up, back up, back up data and when that's completed weekly, back it up some more.

The most secure way and private way is to run a cloud environment from your home network and tunnel into it from your device where ever you are. If you want to to skip all the protocols, you can use remote desktop apps with number algorithm security sessions to log into your box, netbook, tablet or even another cell phone at home.

This should ensure peace of mind. Plus it's dedicated to just you so depending on your capped upload and download speeds from the ISP, will determine how it performs. Speed.

Now that I have stated the obvious for future prevention, your current photos have a slim chance of being recovered. Drying out your device should be air dried only. Low traffic area at your residence. (Dust, pollens, etc.). Using rice is just silly and a waste of food (pet peeve).

Try a couple recovery options online. Or what has been mentioned above.

If the photos mean that much to you, bring it in to the pros and get another opinion. Note* it can be costly. They may even tell you it's not worth it.


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