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Pinout of WIFI Flex cable?

I'm looking for a pin out for the WIFI flex cable for this iPod. I have 3 or so that I think I could fix with this info.

Here is the story on it so far...

Bought 6 touches from ebay, all won't power on. First one I grab I plug in and boom it is charging and worked fine (lol). The rest was no luck. Checking voltages etc I noticed the batteries are all dead and when plugged in, very little voltage is going to them, something around 0.6 volts. I removed the batteries and I get similar readings.

One of them I was messing around with the WIFI flex cable and pulled it up a bit much, I saw it ripped the wires, so I just took it off the rest of the way. Tried to turn on via charger again with no battery and it powered the screen, but did the inf reboot loop on the apple. So I throw the battery in it. As soon as + and - are connected I see a small flash and notice about the 6th or 7th pin from the ear phone has a burn hole in it. I use the charger to wake the iPod up and it powers up fine. Did a restore and everything works fine for what is connected.

I messed around with another one with the burn mark already on it and ended up pulling the flex cable off it also. Same thing happened except it has a pass code lock. I took the 2nd one's WIFI flex cable and cut it down so all the pins were at the end of the cable. Then I scrapped off some of the plastic off the ribbon to expose the copper at the end. I cleaned/tinned the board and the ribbon and soldered it back on. Good news is... all the buttons work fine, powers up etc. Down side is, the touch screen does not pick up the touches. I have double checked my soldering and it appears good, I have the pins lined up perfect and I have touched up the solder to make sure it is all connecting.

So basically to get back to my question, I would really like to get a pin out of that connection so I know where everything goes to the board to check connections etc. It appears like that area of the connection is a direct connection to the battery's + and -.

Also if anyone has came across this in the past, please explain anything I'm missing to help solve this puzzle. I have a 2 or 3 more I have not touched yet due to this common problem.

Couple things to note with this, the power and ground on the wifi cable of these are picking up as shorted, I have yet to trace what is causing the short. When the cable is disconnected from the board, the power/ground is no longer shorted on the flex cable. But in either case, the positive and negative of the battery is never shorted.

Sorry for the long post, but I hope someone will know what is going on.

Thanks for the help!

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Just to update this, I have tried this with touches with logic board issues, and putting the wifi cable onto one of these burnt trace ones. First one all buttons work, but touch screen does not :(, so I can't test wifi etc. The second everything works except wifi.... I'm pretty sure all of the connections are making contact. I tested several pins by scrapping the vias on top of the ribbon cable and testing if they connect to the board's connector.

I have ordered several wifi ribbon cables from a wholesaler, so I hope a new ribbon will fix everything even if I have to run a power/ground wire to power the circuit.



It's too bad you dont have a response since I'm also interested in the wifi flex pinout. I've also gone through similar work as you and also discovered the arcing that occurs between the two terminals and how to "fix" it by connecting a new battery. I'd like to comment though that many issues can be resolved by removing the existing flex, cleaning up corrosion, repairing and damaged pads and installing a new flex. I find this work can only be done with a microscope.Feel free to email me


Please put your email on your profile, not your answer.


Can you update with your success with the new ribbons, please? Did that solve the problems with the touchscreen and wifi? I am working on two of these with very similar issues, hoping a new ribbon cable will be the solution. Thank you!


I still have the systems and the wifi flex cables, just haven't had a chance to work on these lately.


Have just had the exact same issue as CMD..burnt area under wifi flex when battery was resoldered. I can only guess that this was a waterdamaged ipod and I didn't clean any muck from under that flex and that is what has shorted pin 6/7.powers up, just no touch. so like to fix this! CMD, i hope you revisit this question.. Did you have any luck with your pin out/schematics?or your wifi flex.


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I have worked on many 2nd generation touches and have had great success in replacing the wifi flex. I have commented about my personal procedure on replacing them in another thread but I avoid using any type of conductive tape or adhesive.

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dlmaldet, could you give me more information on replacing the flex cable without adhesive? I have the 3M 9703 tape, but I would like to test before permanently attaching it.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


I don't use the 9703 adhesive since it's not designed for this type of application. The conductive pads are too close together creating shorting paths when using the 9703. In fact, it's not a tape that creates a permanent connection since it can be easily removed. I've had much better success using no conductive adhesive. I simply clean the residual adhesive from the logic board and the pads then use a strip of foam on top of the wifi flex to keep pressure on the conductors. The LCD frame when secured does a good job of maintaining the necessary pressure. The 9703 does work well to hold the flex in place by using a small piece below the conductors in a location similar to where the original pressure sensitive adhesive was.


is the header the only thing that needs to connect on the wifi cable or do the pads towards the center of the logic board also need to connect 3rd gen ipod


Only the header needs to connect


I've done many replacement ribbons using 9703 but sometimes i have issues with greyed out wifi after. Has anyone else had this problem? anyone know of a solution.

I've tried resting settings, restoring checking ribbons are properly seated and even replacing the ribbon with another new one. all to no avail.


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