Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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Replace Antenna Flex, now wont charge but IS recognised by itunes...

Hey everyone - bit of a weird problem...

MY GPS / Wifi / Bluetooth were all gradually getting worse over a couple of weeks. Airpods would only work within 6 inches of phone. GPS accuracy was off by 200ft.

After some reading here I decided to replace the antenna flex cable and cover, which instantly solved all the problems!

Later that day the phone randomly powered off. I booted it back up. A few hours later it did it again... uh oh...

After a charge the phone is then stuck on 100%. I perform a full restore from itunes - still stuck at 100%. I drain the battery until the phone powers off, then charge. It jumps straight back to 100%.

Today the phone died (still at 100%) and now won't accept a charge or turn on. It displays the red battery symbol when I connect it to power, and it will happily restore from itunes, but then just refuses to boot up - just displaying the red charging icon.

If I disconnect the battery but leave the charger connected the screen still shows the icon, so I know some power is coming from the cable.

It will talk to itunes, so I know the port/cable is at least mostly ok.

The battery is original and has always been fine, so it seems like a stretch to assume that it happened to die at the exact moment I repaired the antenna...

I have taken it apart three times to check all the flex snap connectors - can't see anything wrong.

Anyone got any ideas what this could be? I'm worried now I can't take it to apple and pony up the $300 for a replacement.

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I assume you mean you replaced this as well and that you removed the logic board completely to do so.

Normally, I would suspect the battery gas gauge line but on the iPhone 6, the engineers have done a good job of tucking away the filters out of harms way. I would take a close look at the battery connector to see if the center pins are damaged or not properly connected to the logic board. You may have pried them loose. Otherwise, the logical thing to try is a new battery. I would also test the battery with 3uTools ( to see what the design capacity is. Your phone is 3 years old so it's not inconceivable that the battery is coincidentally failing.

iPhone 6 Logic Board Antenna Flex Cable Image


iPhone 6 Logic Board Antenna Flex Cable


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Thanks for the advice!

Yes that is the cable I replaced, along with this (iPhone 6 Top Left Antenna)

Frustratingly, I can't use 3u Tools because the phone won't boot. The only way I can make it communicate with the PC is DFU mode / itunes restore, so the battery status options are never available in 3u.

I have inspected the battery connector with a magnifying glass, and it looks fine.

I have also noticed that I can keep the red battey icon on screen with the battery diconnected / phone plugged in, BUT only if I push the power button while the battery is connected. If I try with the battery already removed, nothing shows up.

I may be leaping to conclusions here, but it seems to follow that the battery / logic board connection is therefore intact?


Quick update - I was concerned that since the battery died while the phone was stuck at 100%, it may be down to an over-discharged (damaged) li-ion battery.

BUT I have just measured the battery voltage with a meter and found it is 4.28V! Soit obviously IS charged. but still says 0% and won't boot.

Interestingly, the voltage at the logic board side is only 3.8V.

I'm wondering then, since the battery seems happy and full, if the problem is somehow software based - despite having been restored.


At this point, it is either a battery problem or a logic board problem. You have to isolate a variable and the battery is the easiest thing to try. You could also drop by a shop to see if a battery solves it. If it's not the battery, then you will have to find a shop that does micro-soldering repairs.


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