Headphone jack went inside the headphone?

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I have the Axent Cat ear headphones, the original ones with a wire

Well I was trying to listen to music and It wasn't playing for some reason? I charged them until they were all juiced up and I went to plug them in and the little plastic ring on the jack went inside the headphones! I was baffled!

These headphones aren't even a year old yet!! What do I do? I have no receipt for these because I got them during Christmas, and they're from brookstone(the store obviously), what do I do?

As you can see in the attached pictures, the microphone jack is what the headphone jack should look like, but that plastic ring in inside the headphone! (And you can hear It because it rattles) I don't know how it got disconnected or broken, but I really hope they aren't ruined

Is there anyway I can get a refund or a new pair without a receipt? Mannn THIS SUCKS

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Please help this is still not fixed


Hi Lennon,

Here is a webpage that has the disassembly process. I would recommend taking the headphones apart and seeing if you could reaffix the port.



It’s so strange, I was just putting in the wire and put some YouTube on,I couldn’t hear anything so I looked and I saw my wires not even plugged in and found out the ring thing got inside and I don’t know what to do either.......They better let us get a refund >:(


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