Flickering screen issue on low backlight

Hi! I have a Samsung J7 2015 and my problem started 2 nights ago. It's true that temperature is a factor to this issue, as we are having low temperatures for the first time this year. But still, and after reading a lot about this, I can find a specific solution to this (kind of) annoying problem. If what jclovis31976 Flickering screen on low back light say is true (very interesting info), then what should be done to solve a corrosion problem? Because mine should be a mild one, as I take care not to expose my devices to extreme humidity. And if its a power related issue, is there a way to fix it? Is it related to the corrosion mentioned before?

And I couldn't find if any other user said this before, but should be taken as another "clue": To me, the flickering takes place from the lower 80/85% portion of the screen, and not the upper section, like a failure of some sort.

Thank you all for your time.

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@pccheese this is not about water damage. Do not make assumptions. this would have been an easy mod by just searching for "jclovis31976". you would have seen that this question was posted as an answer to "Flickering screen on low back light". Do not imply that flickering is always related to water damage (it isn't). Focus


@oldturkey03 yes sir! I was changing the device, but it wouldn't let me save without changing the name. Next time I will do more research.


@pccheese you cannot change the title just because you assumed it was water damage or it is the AMOLED. Refrain from placing your assumptions in the title. that is not what the OP stated anywhere. It is not about us but the OP. Focus


@oldturkey03 I have read it 3 times over, but I fail to understand how it's related to a low backlight. I got the AMMOLED part from jclovis31967's answer.


@pccheese. It is the backlight that is flickering at higher/lower power demands. Could be filter or power IC as well as the Amoled. Do not crossreference to a different question. This question needs to be treated as it's own entity, not where it came from or what we assume. Keep with what the OP is asking, not what you are reading into it. Focus


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