My Roomba won't start

Hello, I hope someone can help me, I am pretty desperate! I've had my beloved Roomba 620 for two and half years. It was bought in Italy and it came to me all the way to the U.S. nine months ago. It's been working perfectly until two days ago, when my cat peed on it. I looked online and followed the instructions as to what to do in case the Roomba gets wet - I removed the battery so that I could let it dry. However, both the battery and its lodging were PERFECTLY dry! I let the Roomba "rest" all day and all night long upside down, so that any liquid would hopefully come out from the power button area. I then reassembled it and the power button is lit and green. It seems to have no problem charging on the home base. However, when I push it, nothing happens. Actually, a few hours ago my husband moved it out of the base and pushed the button, and the Roomba did start but only for a few seconds, then it stopped and the power button light went out. I put it back onto the home base and it lit up again and turned green, but it just will not start again.

If I move it away from the base, it will speak saying "Move Roomba to a new location" but the volume is very low and can hardly be heard. I also tried to move the home base to a new location and nothing different happens.

I really want to keep THIS Roomba both because it was a Christmas gift and because I cannot afford to buy another one right now.

What is wrong???

Please help...



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@stefmug, Stefania, Since the Roomba is 2 1/2 years old now it could be a battery or charger issue. Below find a links that may help you in disassembling the vacuum(not your exact model), Forums say the Roomba 500 series service manual 1st link below can be used for the 600 series, so you can check internal components /wires/connections for being corroded/loose/damaged/burnt/etc. and also test battery(may have to replace) and charger with DVOM to see if battery is accepting /holding charge and check charger to see if it is putting out a charge. If not comfortable working on your Roomba have a good local vacuum/small appliance repair shop have a look/diagnose and estimate repair.


There is a possibility that the board may have suffered liquid damage and in this case stop trying to charge or power on the unit until you have checked and cleaned the board. Below 4th link is a guide that will tell how to deal with electronics water damage. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Electronics Water Damage

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Thanks for your feedback. I will try to follow the instructions as soon as I have some time, although the problem started right after my cat peed on the Roomba, so I don't believe that the battery is to be blamed. Could it be that some liquid got into the circuit board?


Stefania, That is a possibility that the board may have suffered liquid damage and in this case stop trying to charge or power on the unit until you have checked and cleaned the board. I updated original answer with a link to tell how to deal with liquid damage.


Thank you, I will try...


L Pfaff, I followed your advice and I dismantled the Roomba so as to clean all of its parts, including the motherboard. Thanks to the protective sheet, the motherboard was only a little bit wet but some contacts are oxidised. I suppose that's not my cat's fault but this happened over time, or? I cleaned every part with a dry cotton swab as accurately as I could, then reassembled it. I pressed the power button and the Roomba started! I put it back to the home base for an hour or so and then went to check on it. This time I had to press the power button several times before it started, and only after removing it from the home base. Unfortunaely it won't really go anywhere now. It moves back and forth, more or less, in a short space and does not go all over the house like it is supposed to. What now??? I also cleaned the sensors, so I don't understand what this new problem can be now (besides having to push the button repeatedly for the Roomba to start and only after removing it from the home base). Any ideas?


I really want to keep my baby and I cannot afford another one right now... :-(


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