No longer Focusing At all

Greetings and Salutations,

I was given a Kodak EasyShare P850 just recently from my factual grandfather, who was the one who got me interested in photography and up until now it has never had a single issue.

Then today after I haven't used it in about a few weeks, I take it out and try to take some factual photographs and the camera screen won't focus at all. The EVF image and LCD alike both just show a blurred colour image that never alters and nothing seems to make it focus.

I asked someone with more knowledge about cameras than I do, and no matter what he tried, even resetting it wouldn't fix the issue.

I take care of my equipment, it's always stored so there cannot possibly be any damage taken and I always check both this camera and my main which I bought myself, before usage. I checked this one the night before but only turned it on to look at the battery level before switching it off again.

Does anyone know what could be causing this complete break down of factual usage on the camera?

There was nothing wrong with it when I was given it and I haven't damaged it myself, my grandfather is the kind of person who wouldn't give away something that was damaged and I factually wouldn't damage something I'm given especially a camera.

Any information would be appreciated, and if you require more information or an example of what I mean I can show you.

The photographs all come out the same, almost like something has gone wrong completely with the lens when that's the one factual thing I ensured the most to not risk damaging.

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