How would I get access to the database of carrier unlock codes?

I am currently working at a small repair shop and want to have access to the database of codes that 3rd party companies use.

We want to be able to expedite the service and be able to unlock phones ourselves rather than having to go through another company.

Does anyone know who we should be contacting and how much it would cost to have access?

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I don't agree with @danj you can be upset with what I'm about to say all you want. The phone carrier companies are crooks, and have absolutely no problem robbing the public for as much money as they can possibly get rid of. And offer new customers better deals than long standing customers. The have no interest in helping their customers save money. There are some services I use, like com and I don't care, and I'll wipe an esn as fast as I can, if it doesn't get stuck at pending

EDIT: Do not go to the other site I accidentally listed earlier!!

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What is


Uhm I just typed it in and thought it was a service to fix a bad esn... Was something completely different..... Oh my.


Security is kinda flawed on all Samsungs to s7 edge, all vunrulable to the android 7.0 downgrade to 6.0.1 with factory reset protection lock and IMEI change. I did two and I got em all unlocked.

Funnily enough a unlocking box isn't required to remove FRP locks but for IMEI the box is needed for changing.

For network unlocks it's possible to download the whole unlock database for offline use. I know z3x allows it for Samsung phones if you have the unlocking box.


You...alright my bad. It's I should look into getting one of the boxes. Save myself some money, and time. @benjamen50 thats some interesting info. Thanks. sounds like it only works for android?


@theimedic - Not all the cellphone companies as crooks. Yes, there are a few ;-}

Many people don't read the fine print of the contract they sign, or over commit them selves to a contract they can't pay.

The money collected mostly went into building out the cell networks. It's only the last few years you can get cheaper contracts or even buy your own phone so you don't get hit by a lengthly contract.

In my mind stealing is stealing! While I'm not happy paying off a contract when the carrier offers a cheaper one. I understand market pressure the carriers are under. But thats not being a crook just basic market pressure.


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The reason carriers use a lock code is to prevent people from walking away from their contract obligations. If they have paid off their phone most carriers offer support in clearing the carrier lock.

All you'll be doing here is helping someone steal. I think its best not put your self at risk here, as you could get your self into legal trouble. Besides, I doubt anyone has made the effort to document all of the different codes for Phones & Tablets.

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I don't think you understand the question. I have to disagree on that. You dont generalize everyone. some needed their phone so bad that they'll have to pay the remaining balance of the phone and yet the unlock codes are not working or those sales rep or customer service rep dont know what they're doing. and when they came back from vacation, their bill is almost a thousand dollars. I have to agree with @theimedic . Some phone companies, esp t-mobile US. You will have to asked to wait 72 f*cking hrs to unlock the phone that you paid. Comparing it to Fido (canada), once you paid off the phone, you can contact them anytime and your phone will be permanently unlock within 1 hr. (im tgalking about iPhones). See the difference @danj . Not all people here is helping someone steal.


iz.anchetas - I still don't agree! I've traveled quite a lot and I don't see honest people having issues. I do see dishonest people trying to get around the carrier lock. I think your issue is more of the time it may take to unlock a phone and/or the person who is helping you is a moron. Sounds like you need to find a different store for help. Or better yet call the carrier directly.


you do know that 3rd party unlocking is legal right??


YoungTouch - Thats not correct!

It is not legal for someone to defeat the lock code, only the carrier is allowed to do it once you've payed off your contract.

The way the US law is written is you have the right to have a payed off phone unlocked so you can change carriers.

Review this: Unlocking your phone is legal again: What you need to know


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