Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Strange screeching sound during calls, comes and goes


I have an iphone 6 Plus and sometimes during a call (happens randomly), It begins to do this weird high-pitch screeching and then the microphone stops working. I have gone ahead and replaced the top speaker and also the lighting cable/headphone connector piece so far and it still happens every now and then. It does go away when I restart the phone.

Maybe the lower microphone?


Update (05/08/2017)


Started happening again. I cannot hear or speak when trying to make calls. Went and did a few more tests, I can watch a youtube video and also listen to my voicemails both through small and loudspeaker so it probably something you mentioned above.

Tried DFU restore and we will see. Not too sure how to repair baseband circuit if even possible.


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Thanks for your reply.

I did replace the speaker box.

iPhone 6 Plus Earpiece Speaker

I have also replaced the headphone jack

iPhone 6 Plus Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack

Hmm, really think is the audio bracket? Never had an issue with that or the front camera....Guess it could be huh?


What iOS version?


Dangit, we got too excited in conversation. Thanks @rany I definitely think it could be the flex, as that powers the speakerbox. As usual Rany is right. New problems come from new iOS and we've seen a rash of front camera flex problems, the past couple few weeks


Did someone ask OP if it happens on both speaker phone on and off during calls?


Im on 10.3.1

I haven't thought about testing the speakerphone theory...Next time it happens I will try it out. I just find it interesting about the weird sound and then the microphone not working...Hmm.

I can confirm everything is fine when connected to a 3rd party item via bluetooth.


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You replaced the speaker box?

iPhone 6 Plus Earpiece Speaker

I would've gone with the flex

iPhone 6 Plus Front Camera and Sensor Cable

Also, could be the audio control cable

iPhone 6 Plus Audio Control Cable and Bracket

iPhone 6 Plus Audio Control Cable and Bracket Image
iPhone 6 Plus Earpiece Speaker Image
iPhone 6 Plus Front Camera and Sensor Cable Image

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First rule out bad housing preferably by testing in new housing.

Otherwise noise during cellular calls only = codec IC or baseband circuit failure. Or software. You can try a DFU restore to rule out the latter. But you may end up with error -1 if the baseband circuit is failing.

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