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Keep getting "Brew Interrupted" Message on coffee pods

Help! I had been having an issue brewing coffee pods in my Keurig K200. It started after about a year of no problems. All of my teas, hot chocolates, and ciders work perfectly. However, whenever I try to use one of my wife's coffee pods, I was getting grounds in the cup and only about 6 ounces out of the 10 that I wanted. After this problem persisted (yes I used the orange cleaner, descaled multiple times, used the paper clips), we finally decided to try a new machine. We got the K200 Plus and literally the 2nd coffee kcup gave me the "brew interrupted: water under pressure" message and a ton of grounds pouring out of the top of the pod and into the cup. I have no idea what the problem could be. When I called Keurig the guy I talked to had me go through the same stupid cleaning process that I have done more times than I can count and said the problem was fixed, but it was not. I feel like this should not happen with the 2nd time using the new machine and it tells me that maybe the machine is not our issue since it happened with the old machine as well. I have tried using multiple brands of kcups and we have a water filter in our reservoir tank.

The most confusing thing to me is why the machines work with absolutely no issue for literally everything but coffee. I figured if it was a problem with the water or machine, it would mess up on everything.

Please help!

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They won't tell u how to fix it cause they want to sell more coffee & makers? I am having the same problem. I think they are using inferior filters in their pods.

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I am having the same issue and I called keurig and they had me clean it with the plunger method 15 plunged and then the paper clip and the I tested the coffee brewing 3times and the 3rd time I got the brewer interrupted message and he is sending me the new model Keurig K cup Elite. So I was happy with my call to Keurig. Maybe call them again. And we’ll see how the new one is when I get it! Good luck!


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I read somewhere that soft water swells up the grounds faster than filtered water. We installed a reverse osmosis system & haven’t had a problem since. Must be the salt in the water I guess.

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I have a problem with my k-250 the message Said that contac to Keurig, attached link with pictures of the fail.



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