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MacBook Pro Sierra Update takes forever!

Hello everyone,

My macbook pro was so slow, it was freezing in every 2 minutes (not literally every 2 mins but it was booting in 8 mins and apps like word were opening in 4 minutes.) so I decided to backup everything and update it. I backed up 50gbs of files in 14 hours.. and then started the sierra update. It's been 13 hours now and the installation process is only halfway through. My goal is to eventually format the harddrive an to see whether if my mac is going to get faster.

I also bought a SSD today, i will try to replace my harddrive with it, but I am not sure if my problem is only with the harddrive. I suspect that hard drive cable is broken too, since it took like ridiculous hours to install/backup things.

My question is; is this normal considering my mac is so old? If not, how can i check if my hard drive cable is broken? How can i check if my hard drive is broken? What do you suggest me to do?

Update (05/04/2017)

I think i asked my question a bit wrong. :) So I have an SSD but, I haven't switched my hdd with it. I just bought the ssd and it waits inside of its box.

I am now in the page where Mac is in the booting phase like this one - in my screen the only difference is that, it says 11 mins remaining. (it is been 18 hours now..)

and this is my exact model :

english is not my mother tongue, so sorry for the misunderstandings

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I have a Imac pro 2015 and had this problem from the moment I removed it from the box. When I bought it, it had the old operating system, think it was lion. They just came out with el Capitan, so before I cluttered up the computer I downloaded Capitan. It took over 35 hours on a brand new fresh never used pro! Now I am in the process of upgrading to High Serria, and at 35 hours and still not loaded! My home mac computer is 10 years old and only took 2 hours to install. Is this something wrong with the iMac pro laptop?


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If your connection to the internet is working correctly using another system, then it sounds like the drives SATA cable is gone or you are not using the proper SSD drive for the system.

Can you tell us your exact model so we can guide you the rest of the way. Plug in your systems S/N here: You'll find it in the 'About this Mac' or on the bottom cover. Paste the URL link here so we know what you have.

Update (05/04/2017)

Clearly, your HD or the HD cable is having problems. At this point just restart your system as the process is frozen.

Hopefully your system is able to start up, if not you'll need to find a friend with a Mac so you can either connect your system to theirs in Target Disk Mode or so you can create a bootable OS installer USB drive.

Update (05/05/2017)

It's not uncommon for the cable in this series to give out. You may in-fact notice the HD will work whereas the SSD won't! This is do to the ability of the SSD to move more data across the cable faster so any minor defects in the cable show up under its load.

Here's the IFIXIT guide to replace the cable if its still having problems: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2012 Hard Drive/IR Sensor Cable Replacement} and here is the cable you'll need: [

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How fast is your Internet?

It is 4gb+ in size, which, at 100mbps takes around 30-45mins to download.

Then you need about 2 hours to install/upgrade over existing data.

If you had an SSD, however, it takes 40 minutes to install.

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my internet speed is 120 mbps. Downloading process is done in 30 mins, the installation process is really slow though


If it were an SSD it really shouldn't take more than 40 minutes.


thanks for the answer S W! I think the way I explained things are not clear due to the fact that English is not my mother tongue. I have an SSD but it is still in its box, I am planning to replace it with the HDD - i haven't attempted to set that up.

I am trying to install the update on the HDD and my screen looks like this

and this is the exact mac that I have;

I hope it more clear now, if anything comes up to your mind, I would definetly want to hear that.


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