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How to permanently remove wifi/bluetooth from an Android


I want to buy whole sale OEM phones from China and then permanently get rid of their wifi/bluetooth capabilities. I have been advised that I could do so through software/application modifications, but I also learned that any of these processes can be reversed by rooting the phone. I have heard that its possible to go through the hardware and manually remove the wifi/bluetooth chip/drivers to permanently disable them, but could not find any further details on the subject.

Does anyone know if this process is possible, and if so, how can I learn more about it/find someone who specializes in it.



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Why do you want to do this?


I have to agree its a strange request.

Maybe it would be smarter just getting a cheap flip phone which doesn't offer Bluetooth or WiFi.


I would also like to know why you need to do this? I don't really see a reason to. However, it most likely depends from phone to phone, try looking at the blueprints for said phone and be careful with the removal IF possible for the device.


Hey George,

I am tinkering with an idea and want to see if the concept has value. Basically, my school doesn't allow phones in class because they have wifi and bluetooth. I was wanting to use a phone/tablet for all my textbooks and books, and wanted to attempt to create a product that was basically a touch screen with books on it, but no wifi or bluetooth. If this worked, I could potentially create a product for these types of schools.


Why do you think they don't want wifi or Bluetooth? They're saying that because they think anything that has WiFi or BT is a phone. They really don't want phones. Are there laptops at your school? Any laptop has WiFi and most have bluetooth. They don't care about the functionality of the wifi and BT. Ask them "If I totally removed wifi and Bluetooth from my phone could I use it" and see.


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It seems like a wifi/bluetooth jammer would be a far more sensible option.

They can be a few hundred dollars, but in terms of man hours required to remove board level components it's nothing .

Like @danj says removing the components removes the ability to update the device.

You might consider looking for a tablet that has some sort of admin service that can allow settings to be changed by a admin but not by a user, there may even just be apps on the app store that allow admin privileges.

You might also consider creating a custom ROM with no drivers for connectivity, but that seems like a lot of work.

I'll add that my little sister goes to a school that has free wifi in all the buildings, I think it's rather stupid idea to cut people off from the internet that has so much to offer interms of self-education. They have a tech admin team that block access to facebook and snapchat etc.

But what about cheating? I went to school in the days with no smart phones and cheated my way to the top just fine.

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Cheating ;-}

We would write the answers on our legs, arms and palms until the teacher asked to see our extremities to stop us! If caught, we would be sent to the principles office for a lecture by the Principle and sent home!

The only tool we had for math was a slide rule! Boy, If I could have a smartphone back then...


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Here where I live a both a middle & high school tried Kindle tablets a few years ago to lessen the amount of books the kids would need to carry. While it achieved that goal it still didn't fly as the teachers were to limited on what they could use for content.

Now that was over 5 years ago so things have changed so it might be worth trying again. But I think using a phone would not be very useful and from a teachers perspective in the classroom it would be hard to tell what you were doing. Using a digital paper tablet I think might go a long way here as it would have a long battery life, a large screen so you would be able to see the content clearly and the most important part cheap!

While these tablets do have WiFi I don't think that would be an issue as the apps and content within the Kindle could be controlled via software. Remember a phone or tablet needs some means of communication to update and maintain. If you force people to use a wired connection you then force them to use a computer which might not be available where they live.

In todays world many kids have cellphones so they can keep in contact with their families. Yes, they can be abused too! So far I don't know of many schools which put a full ban on them. Instead they force the kids to leave them in their lockers (not in class). It has nothing to do with Bluetooth or WiFi just the distraction factor. Basically if you only had cellular service it would be a problem.

I would focus on a tablet concept and look at how you could control all of the methods of communication the device offers. Don't look at a hardware solution unless its some sort of lock & key solution to enable/disable Bluetooth, WiFi & Cellular services.

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Here's a bit more on what you can do with a Kindle unit: Amazon - Tips and Tricks for Setting Up Kindles for Children


Hi Dan, thank you for your post! I, too, am interested in knowing how I can remove the wifi and Bluetooth and gps hardware from an any electronic device. Not just my phone, but my laptop, car…etc. I wish there was something that could just go back to the basics instead of all these integrations that are difficult to isolate. For those who wonder why? I hope you never get hacked to find out the answer.


I am also looking for the same answer because my bluetooth and wifi device are not working but system Is continusly showing me " Bluetooth keeps stopping"

I want to get rid of this annoying notification permanently..

I have tried a lot to force stop the bluetooth device but , it doesn't work...


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Just for all you people with no clue why someone might need a phone with no WIFI let me fill you in. You can get in trouble with the law in a way that they BAN you from owning a phone that can in any way get on the internet. While you can disable the data plan on a phone service, if the phone has WIFI capability you can still get on the internet.

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If your talking a hardware basis, that's very impossible. The other option is to go software, and that can always be undone, often by simply resetting the phone. Also, if the purpose is too totally block interfacing, Android phones are built with so many interfacing ways it would be impossible to block them all. Tell us what the use is and maybe we can do better.

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I found out a way to do that via a Samsung Galaxy S8. Maybe this could be helpful for anyone looking for such a solution.

You just need to remove specific hardware files and then it does the job.

I posted the answer on the xda developer forum

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This is a very strange request. And I don't understand why you want to do it. Let's say Bluetooth is not needed in the phone for someone, but wi-fi is a very important component in the phone these days. But to answer your question, yes, you can do it. But if you can't do it yourself without complicated explanations, here you need to use software with the connection of additional devices. It is better to contact Jammer Master, and they will help you. Otherwise, you might do something wrong and pay more to restore your device.

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