On My 70 inch vizio tv! I replaced m.Board , p.Board and t-con board

My 70 "vizio tv has a power but but nothing on screen .. only some dark blueish light coming up on screen and no vizio logo or menu title .. I search around everything and I replaced all 3 boards ( main , power, and T con board) but still same .. and the ligth strips r working too I don't know what to do anymore.. if anyone has a experience please help thx a lot

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Have you tried replacing the lcd?


cnbrkclk the lue light on your panel sounds like the backlight. Why did you replace all of them? Beside replacing all those boards, what else have you tried? what model is your TV? Post some images of how you put it all back together. Use this guide for that.


I've never seen and lcd replacement be cheaper then buying a new tv.


@willfixforfood definitely not on a 70" panel ;-)


Well replaced all becouse I want to try all :) I m not that professional electronic fixer :) and easier way for me to replace them with new parts so.. now for sure my all boards r working now .. only I never check the light strips but when I look them behind the frame I can see there is white lights coming.. I will share more detail with picture with you guys and give more information tonight .. iam at work now so .. but thanks for atantion


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