The Kenmore 110 Series is an easy to use home Washing machine created by Kenmore.

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After washer fills within 4 minutes it stops and won't Continue.

My washer will fill up and then within 4 minutes it will shut off. I've replaced timer on it and also I hear clicking metal sounds when it is on.

Update (04/25/2017)

It is a Kenmore model number 110.22292100

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After it fills does it do anything but shut off? When you say it shuts off, exactly what do you mean, is it just not proceeding? Do you get any error codes?


It will not proceed further. It's not the timer. I hear metal clicking sounds when it did run for 4 minutes.


@bearcub7 what exactly is your washers model number?


Did you mean Kenmore Model 110.22292100? I couldn't locate the number you gave. When you say there is a metal clicking sound, does it sound like the washer is attempting to shift (singular pulses of noise), or does it sound like a grinding click (constant motor noise with clicking occurring randomly or rapidly)? If you don't stop it, does the clicking continue or does the washer stop itself after a few attempts?


let me get this clear. The machine has drained out water previously. Its now filled up to proceed to wash, but instead, it simply clicks with no motor wash action. Is this correct so far?

I'm guessing there is a motor issue. Might be the carbon brushes if there are brushes on that motor. Or indeed the motor itself.


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bearcub 7 this could be a failed lid switch as well as the connector/wiring to your pump/motor. The possibilities include:

Cycle Selector Switch – The cycle selector switch controls the speed of the motor and if it goes bad it can stop the motor from operating.

Drive Belt – If the belt falls off or becomes worn the transmission will not turn and the machine will not agitate. The machine will make a humming noise as the motor will be running.

Drive Motor – This motor turns the agitator and drum to wash your clothing. If it goes bad the machine will not agitate.

Lid Switch – The lid switch makes it so if the lid is opened, the machine will not run. A bad lid switch will make it so power cannot get to the drive motor.

Water Level Switch – The water level switch (aka Pressure Switch) controls the water level. If defective the motor may not receive power.

Check for similar problem washer on here. Your washer should have the tech sheet either in the back or under the control console. that can help you to further diagnose your washer. Here is what the SM says about the trouble shooting:

Block Image

Let us know what you find.

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