Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Display Problems with New LCD's

I just bought an Iphone 6 Plus from someone because he couldn't get a SIM card in from Pocket bend...but phone was functional.

I replaced the Mid (Back housing) that was bent, and in doing so, I think I broke the digitizer but no cracks in glass.

From the bend, it was extremely difficult to raise the screen and I heard a pop (Crack) and from that point, the digitizer did not work but LCD does.

I have another Iphone 6 plus 100% working, so I tested that screen and I can see the backlight when I power it up but no picture. I just received a new screen assembly today and that one does the same thing! It turns on, connects to Itunes, but no display....just a backlight. So, I put the original back in and it does display a screen.

I have tried 3 screens now and none of them display a screen except the original one. I moved the original to my other phone and sure enough, the digitizer does not work on that one either, so I do not believe it is the Touch IC's since it does the same thing on my working phone.

Am I missing something? Why would original screen work (Display an image) but 3 others that I know work, do not? I looked under microscope and no physical FPC connector damage on Logic Board or phone Flex.

I reballed the Meson and Cumulus and no change.


Thanks, TeeTopp

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How bad was the bend on the phone you purchased?

It's hard to make heads or tails from this...let's see if I understand correctly?

  • The screen on the new phone worked before you removed it, cracked, then no touch and does the same on your original phone.
  • However, the screen from your original phone worked 100% but does not show an image on the replacement phone.
  • You also ordered another screen (#3) and it does not show an image on the replacement phone.

So here are a few questions:

  1. When did you reball the Touch IC's within this troubleshooting process?
  2. Not really knowing much about you, how would you consider your skills at micro-soldering?
  3. Did you try screen #3 on your original phone? What did it do?
  4. Was the screen on your original iPhone the original (Apple) screen or was it replaced at some point in time?

I apologize that I have asked more questions than given answers but something doesn't make sense here and I need to know more.

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The bend was severe enough to literally crack the Sim card slot and kink it so you could not get tray in or out.

However, I will call the phone I bought with the issues Phone #1, My good phone with no issues I had before buying Phone number 1 I will call Phone #2....

I bought #1 and it was working but had bend/cracked housing and screen was in tact.

The Touch had classic Touch disease with Grey bars and intermittent touch issues and Ghost touch.

I tried removing the screen from bent housing and it did damage the screen housing a little and touch went out completely.

I then reballed both Meson and Cumulus

I put on a new screen and it would not display image. Thinking I may have a bad screen , I took Phone #2 and removed the screen to use as known working test screen and it would not work on phone 1 either.

So I put the original screen back on and it displayed fine.

Thinking I may have not connected the connectors correctly (Misaligned) ...I tried both the New screen and test screen several times and only got backlight but no display. I put the original damaged screen back on and it displayed perfectly.

I did notice some heat coming from shield on top near the FPC connectors so I removed it and did Freeze test for short. U3 (Chestnut) was getting really hot!

Also, Meson was getting pretty hot to touch.

I replaced Meson with new chip thinking the reballed chip just may be bad and Still had same results.

Replaced Chestnut and Presto! Everything working as it should :)

Well...almost everything... Now I am left with "Searching" "No Service" from active Verizon Sim so looking to reball Baseband Next to see if that fixes it.

Thank you very much for your reply!! :)


If you have, or had, the "grey bars", reballing Meson will likely only be a short term solution. You need to jumper M1 to get a good solid connection. Regarding the baseband, the general consensus is that it does not "solve" the problem. The suspicion is that there is a damaged trace/pad, similar to M1 on Meson, perhaps even in an inner layer. I would check the condition of the SIM card reader, you may have a cold solder joint there from the bend.


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