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No backlight? External display works.


I 've been having this issue since yesterday, when my isight camera stopped working, resetting the SMC and PRAM did not help, so I tried disconnecting the iSight cable, but unfortunately (that is what i think where i screwed it) also the screen LVDS cable. Afterwards, My Mac booted, but no display visible. In "displays" in preferences, there is like this "built-in monitor" and also, when I put light source behind this mac, I can see parts of screen, so there is probably problem with the backlight.

Since only thing I am capable of doing in terms of "digging in mac" is replacing the hard drive, I am afraid soldering and stuff would be kind of another world task for me.

I ordered a new LVDS cable, but it hasn't arrived yet.

Putting some pictures of MB, please could you check it out, and let me know what may be wrong in there?

Appreciate any other ideas.

Block Image

photo 1

Block Image

photo 2

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photo 3

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photo 4

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Turn in on again, wait for it to finish booting, and flash a light from behind the screen through the Apple. Do you see anything appearing on the LCD in that spot of light?


yes, the display is normally working, with the flashlighg behund it. so if i were to say it very basically, i can't get the brightness.


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Check the LVDS cable to see if you have chipped any pins. Measure continuity on the backlight fuse (brown fuse with "P" on, in your picture) using a multimeter, with power disconnected.

It is very likely to need logic board repair, and the LVDS cable is not a simple swap (need to remove the glass to get access to this), so it may be worth sending it somewhere local to you if you are afraid of damaging the MacBook further. I can give you an indication of areas to measure, but it will be a waste of time if you will not attempt to fix it.

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One beer says it was plugged it in with battery connected and that blew the fuse.

Best second candidate is indeed damaged cable AND blown fuse...

Who's the bookie?


So are you trying to tell that even if i managed to swap the LVDS cable, it still might not work, because of the blown backlight fuse. Unfortunately, i do not have multimeter, so what should I do?

Basically, I bought this machine 3 years ago for like 300 dollars (stated as damaged, to me it seems damaged by water, you can see corrosion, then i had it repaired for another 100) and ever since i spent lot of money upgrading and reparing it (ssd, hdd, 4x ribbon for hdd,...) SO i am starting to think of buying a new one, because if i give this somewhere local, theyd ask 50 for diagnosis, and as i guess, whatever is wrong with it, it would be like another 200 for repairing the logic board.

So what do you recommend?


We are telling you that unless the pins on the cable are clearly damaged, you don't need to replace it. If it does not look damaged, it probably isn't damaged. Don't buy a cable until you show us a close up and clear picture of the pins or you verify it yourself.

On the other hand, you must test the fuse for continuity and for short to ground when the LCD cable is disconnected then when connected.


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