Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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No Signal / GSM Antenna Replacement

My iPhone 6 often has no signal. It sometimes works for a few hours after many restarts but then won't work again for days.

As good as I found out, the GSM Antenna is located in the dock connector part. Is this correct? Will it work if I replace the dock connector part?

P.S. I made sure that nothing else is causing the problem: SIM is changed, software is good, it's not one of the chips on the logic board.

Some people told me to change the Antenna / Flex cable in the upper left of the phone. But isn't this Antenna only for GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi?

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iPhone 6 and 6+ have a serious design flaw (in my opinion): the frame is too thin and too soft for the size. It makes the frame and consequently the board inside the frame prone to flexing and bending. This constant flexing and bending is damaging connections between certain chips and the board, as well as some traces.

The two circuits most prone to failure due to this flaw as I've seen them are the touch circuit and the baseband circuit.

Although touch circuit repair at board level is largely successful if all the correct procedures and future proofing are applied (say 90% successful and not coming back), I have yet to see a baseband failure that isn't coming back soon for re-working after failing again (say 10% only successful, which is too low of a yield and I am talking about world-class board level technicians). And this repair is time consuming and not cheap.

So everyone looses when trying this repair: the owner of the device who paid some good money only to see the issue return sometime after - except may be a lucky minority, as well as the technician who put in some serious time only to see the client coming back to repeat the job over and over or to ask for a refund.

In summary, in my opinion, if you iPhone is suffering from "no service" issue using a known good SIM, don't try to repair it. Even if a technician swears they can fix it for you.

If it is as well suffering from greyed Wi-Fi (you cannot turn Wi-Fi on), it is definitely not worth the repair since the Wi-Fi chip will also need to be replaced or re-balled.

If the Wi-Fi is just weak, you could repair that and use it as an iPod. It may be that the antenna came loose or snapped from some drop, may be the same drop that damaged the baseband circuit. And that antenna is different from the one for cellular service. Replacing one will not fix the issue for the second one.

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Excuse my english, just imagine a german accent for fun :)

Thank you for the detailed answer. Like you said, the failure is somewhere at the chips or the board. When I bend my iPhone a little bit, while restarting it, then it's working again for a few days. Seems like the bending presses the chip back at its place or something like that. I'm now trying to sell it and get as much money as possible. Maybe someone can use the spare parts.

Thank you :)


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I would seriously consider this for a trade-in machine before spending any time or money on it.

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Unfortunately this has nothing to do with the antenna, it is still a board issue because there are 2 antennas and it is very unlikely for them to fail at the same time.

Find a board repair shop.

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I have the same problem with my iPhone 6. It's got plenty of WiFi signal strength but keeps saying searching searching and won't find the signal at all. Apple said they were pretty sure it was the antenna and not repairable but that they would replace my iPhone 6 with an exact same one for $300. This phone was a replacement phone from my original iPhone 6 that Apple broke when replacing the battery and now they only warranty their replacement phones for 3 months which is less than their normal warranty of one year it's not right apple

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