Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Why won't it charge after screen replacement?

I bought this phone off of eBay with a shattered screen. The top of the screen where the camera and speaker is was non existent (all the glass fell out). Got it in the mail and plugged it into my charger. Tried starting it up. White screen appeared with apple logo. Went away after a second and then went to black screen with battery symbol. Didn't show lightening bolt.

Sat around for a week until my new screen came. Put everything back together and made sure the ribbons were connected the correct way. Went to go plug it into my charger and same deal as screen with battery symbol but no lightning bolt. Took phone back apart to double check everything. No change. I disconnected the connector to the battery and the iPhone will loop through with the apple logo. I even took the connector for the lighting socket off and reseated change.

Is this phone junk? What can I do to get it to turn back on? Should I try a new battery?

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So, it's boot looping? Constantly flashing Apple logo, and doesn't show the lightning bolt anymore?


Correct. This is only when I unhook the battery and plug it into my charger though. I talked to the person I bought it from on eBay. He said that it got dropped but they used it with the cracked for about a week before they upgraded and it sat. He said the battery just ran out naturally. Any thoughts? It isn't recognized when I plug it into my computer with iTunes.


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Since when you unplug the battery you get a boot-loop, my guess is the dock and charging circuit are OK, and you battery would be the first and most likely suspect in my opinion.

Try a known good battery if you can get your hands on one. Otherwise order a good quality battery (iFixit's batteries are my go-to; most others are junk, don't cheap out) and test your phone with it.

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Do you think I could unplug the battery and connect to my computer to test anything out? Would it respond to iTunes? I'll go ahead and get a battery coming.


If you turn on your phone, plug in the charger, then unplug the battery, it will stay on. But charger only is not enough to boot it, and certainly not the power provided by the USB port of your computer. So if you plug it into your computer while off will lead to the same result: boot looping.

Also note that after boot looping a few times, the firmware becomes corrupted and will keep boot looping even with your battery connected, and you'll need to restore it from DFU to fix it.


Gotcha. That's the problem. The phone won't hardly do anything. I think it looped a couple of times so it probably is corrupted. So I should try a new battery and then try charging it? How can I restore it from DFU?

Is there anything else I can try if the battery makes no difference?


I ordered a battery that should be coming soon. Is there anything else I could try in the meantime?


I would recommend not to do anything until you've installed the new battery and tried to charge it.

No need to put everything back, or the small metal shields. Just connect screen then battery, and see try to power on the device or to charge it.


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