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MacBook taking too long to charge! Cant find source of problem..

I bought a Macbook Pro 15inch Late 2011 second hand and it is taking near to 20hrs to charge and the problem has been frustrating me for weeks now, and I need some help.

Battery health monitor says battery is in good condition, with only 135 cycles. But when magsafe is connected it is only taking in 4.7 watts! My battery is currently at 23 % and activity monitor is predicting it to take 11.38hrs to fully charge.

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After i'd bought the mac I'd realised that the seller had supplied a very convincing looking 85w magsafe charger, but quickly realised it was a knock-off by some lag in the trackpad. I managed to get hold of an official charger which solved the lag but not the slow charging.

I took the mac into the apple store, they did a smc reset and a graphics/logic board test (to check if it was one of the faulty late 2011 models). Which came out fine, (kinda wish it didnt!) They also tested the battery and charger, and that also came out fine. They then said to me that they didnt know the source of the problem. .. I mentioned that i could try a battery re-calibration (charging to full, the fully recharging etc.), they said try that and if that doesnt work come book it in to see if they could sort it out.

What do you guys think? Could it be the battery? or the magsafe logic? Or the actual logic board? And could a battery recalibration work? (its gonna take me while to do one!!)

Shame is I live in a van and have to go the library etc to charge it up, and is fully wasting my time atm.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if you have any more questions then please ask!


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I would try to reset the SMC which is the System Management controller for the Power going in and out of the computer. To do this I would shut the computer off and then plug the charger in then press and hold on the left side of the keyboard the shift control and option keys then press power button you should then see the LED on the charger turn green then go back to amber. Hope that helps you out and is all that is wrong with it.


Thanks, but no as mentioned in the question, I have tried that already, no luck!


Ah alright I didn't see a mention of resetting that. It very well could be the Battery or the MagSafe. Unfortunately the only way I would know how to test that would be replace them with a known good one. Look over everything very carefully and see if there is any type of damage corrosion or burned fuses on the Logic Board and the MagSafe.


What about pram?


Also might be the dc in board.


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If this is a replacement battery and not Apple branded it could be the problem. A lot of the replacement batteries will work but are not really up to specs. Some even weigh half of what the original do. What battery did you get and where? Does it have a brand?

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Thanks for the response mayer.. But I asked the seller and apparently it is an original.. And the dates add up from battery health monitor, so Yeh pretty sure it is. Only thing is the Mac wasn't used for a couple of months before I bought it, could this of had an effect? Also I've heard that magsafe has a protection against fake chargers, is that reliable information?


I am going to do a 'test' replacement of the battery.. And if that makes no difference, then I'll know it's either the dc inboard or logic board.


Try using this Application: Coconut Battery to get a much better idea of the actual status of your battery:


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