Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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iPhone 6 - irregular backlight flickering

At is a video I made to demonstrate the fault:

And I also want to say at first, that I already changed the Display and the battery but the following problem still exist:

I have a problem with an IPhone 6. There is a 50/50 chance the display starts flickering or not when turning on the display. I think it's the backlight. If it doesn't start to flicker after turning on the display it's all okay...but if it starts flickering after turning on the display, it will not stop until turning off the display.

So it just starts in the moment when the display flashes on and never comes when the display is already on without flickering.

So does anybody has an idea, what's the problem here? What part can I check or which IC /Filter / ..... do I have to change?

I hope someone can help me.

Thanks :)

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So this flickering occurs with both the original screen (is it an Apple original part) and the replacement screen?

If so, then I would focus my efforts on the backlight circuit, including the physical connections. Double check the connector on the logic board and look for debris or broken/damaged pins. Failing that, I would verify the condition of the filters on the backlight line. Check the anode filter (FL2024) as well as the cathode filters (FL2025/FL2026). You will need to probe them for continuity (they should read as short on a multimeter). If that looks okay, you can check upstream to the driver circuit.

If you don't have the tools or skills, then you will need to find a repair shop that does micro-soldering repairs.

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Yes, first display was original, second non-original....both the same. The important thing is, that it's not always flickering. As you can see in my video, if the flickering doesn't begin at the moment I turn on the display, it's all seems to have something to do with the impulse when the backlight got a frequency not filtered out...

I have the skills and tools and I will follow your instructions. Thank you so much for that. I will reply when I have new results...


Connectors look good. Checked all pins of them witth a tiny tweezer. All three filters have continuity! What can I check next? Perhaps the backlight-IC has an internal problem? Or what part can also make such problem?


Check the diode (D1501) and the coil (L1503). It could also be the backlight IC (U1502). As an intermittent problem, this will be more difficult to troubleshoot.


So I changed Backlight-IC and diode now (I think it was the IC and not the diode...testet the diode with multimeter and was fine, but changed nevertheless...).

The coil had a continuity of about 1.0 Ohm, so as I read in other threads, this is an indicator it seems to be did not changed it.

Backlight WORKS, without flickering for now!

Thank you so much!


So yesterday I wrote, that the backlight flickering was gone by changing the backlight-IC and diode...but today I restarted the phone and right after it booted up, the flickering began again. After turning the display off and on again, it was good for a while...

Do you guys have any other idea what can cause this problem?

I would try anything...


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Try to change the brightness of the phone. If you dont see much variation then replacing back light coil should fix the problem.

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Look at the comments on the first answer...I found out today, that it's not the backlight, but something with the LCD-driver circuit...

But thank you anyway!


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Did you solve this? I have also the same problem. Display is flickering maybe 30 % of the cases when I light it up. If the flickering is not starting when it is lighted up it will not start until next time I light it up eventually, when it occours touch will respond bad or maybe totally stop respond. I have opened it and while it is flickering on the screen I can see between the metal shield and the display that it is constant light which is not flickering.

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