Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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Did all the reset for iPod but still doesn't work.

I have been going through all the tests that you guys have been saying. All that happens after performing the tests is the same screen that always comes up. Connect to your comupter use itunes to restore. But I can't get anything to happen. I've reinstalled itunes too. I've done the manual and auto tests. I do notice when it comes to the accessory test I can't get past that. That might say someting.

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Hi there I think I might just have left a comment on the previous post? Is it the white screen with the writing that you are seeing? I have had that happen with an ipod with a new logic board but a bad harddrive. No other symptoms with your iPod? Yo umight start here until we get this totally cleared up

1. Select Add/Remove Hardware (bottom right of the screen) to see if the PC recognizes the iPod. 2. In folder C:\Program Files\iTunes, doubleclick on iTunes Helper, which won't show you what it's doing, but will reinstall drivers 3. If all else fails, use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall iTunes (which will not eliminate your iTunes library), then redownload iTunes and reinstall it. Hope you are running Windows :)


I hope I'm using this platform correct. I am leaving comments but maybe I'm suppose to leave answers. Let me know


I tried a restore again but this time got an error occurred #1439. Also when I tried to bring up itunes helper it wouldn't come up. Is it the icon or folder?


You are doing all the right things. Sometimes it is a little bit of a pain to get it all setup the way it is supposed to. I find myself to sometimes repating steps a few times. Here is a link that deals with error 1439 and here is there solution to it but do not get to frustrated if it does not work right away. There is more that one way to fix things. You'll get there, just let us know...


Thank you. I'll be working on it while I try to get some Christmas cookies made. I'll let you know.


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Try this and see if it works. This will reformat the drive (you will lose all your files on the iPod: Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management (Under Storage) The ipod should show up there as the simple removable disk. Just right click it and click format from there. It should reformat after a while (SLLOWWLY but surely) and then you should be able to restore with Itunes. Hope that works. Here is a little bit more info, but let us know how you are progressing

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I tried formatting. It started then said it couldn't when I clicked OK it didn't show in the disk management anymore. I am using windows, I'm sorry for not putting that in. I really appreciate all the help that you are giving. When it is plugged into my computer it always says do not disconnect. Yes when I unplug it the screen is white with the words plug into computer and itunes will restore.


Also Itunes seems to take forever to come up when I click on it. I only have about 20 songs on it too. And it is the newest version of itunes


I have also had a windows box come up sometimes when I plug it is that reads autoplay with an icon searching for a folder. I let it keep going until it just disappears.


I just did a restore again on itunes and got excited because it said my ipod was restore to factory condition and to leave it plugged in and itunes will read it when it restarts. Well it restarted, itunes didn't find it and it just went back to the screen that says connect to computer and let itunes restore. then it goes to charging mode and says do not disconnect. I can hear the ipod chunking away. Now the autoplay box just came up again. Searching for files.


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