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A1278 won't turn on

Hello Guys,

Just received a MBP from a friend to look over.

REASON: It was slow.

I start it up and saw that it was slow. After that I just TURN OFF remove and put back the battery.


I think I MAY touched those 9 METAL "things" right above the battery connector with MY METAL SPUDGER and I think that I SAW a small spark from that.

After it just assembled it and PRESSED power.


It is 100% DEAD.

I tried to plug the MAGSAFE (and it dont even SHOW any light, green or orange), it was working fine before.

What is wrong?

Did I DAMAGED the logic board or some component by doing that?


I dont believe that just by removing and putting back the battery and MAYBE touching a bit by mistake those 9 conectors would do that.

Is there a solution?

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A small spark on the logic board is kind of like being a little bit pregnant.


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Sounds like you have sent the 12V from the battery directly to the SMC, killing the chip. One of the silver pins above the battery is responsible for the battery power to the MacBook, and a few are data lines to the SMC (right next to the battery power pin), to give the Mac information about the battery.

Touching the pins together has sent 12V to a chip which can't handle a voltage of no more than 5V. The only solution would be to replace this chip, which you will need to desolder from a different board of the same model and year (it is a programmed chip), reball it, then solder it to your one. This would explain why there is no charger light, the SMC is responsible for lighting the charger.

If it is a 2011+, try plugging the charger in with the battery disconnected, the i5/i7 models are supposed to boot like this. Probably won't help though, this is a common issue I see with first time DIY repairs, it is a goner...

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First thanks for your answer. So sad to hear that and actually I don't have soldering skills :( The easier would be to buy another BOARD, however it is &&^&^$^ expensive.

It is as 2012 MBP w/ i5. I tried to power it without the battery and it didn't work also.

Do you think if I bake the logic board it could work again?


One. NEVER USE METAL TOOLS, a finger works wonders dont ya know. Second, no baking it wont help, that is only for when there are micro solder cracks and stuff, you completely fried the chip. Think of it like this, the gpu, in your desktop, (which gets hot) stops working after a few years, thats might be fixable by baking, but if you fill that desktop with TnT and blow it up, no amount of baking will fix it. So sorry, the chip is screwed. Although there is a guy in new york named Louis rossmann who has a youtube channel and owns Rossmann repair group which does board level repairs like this. Contact him and see if maybe he can help you out for less than a new mobo would cost. https://www.rossmanngroup.com/


No, the chip itself is destroyed, heat will not fix this. Heat will only resolve an issue with a chip if the solder balls underneath are cracked or partially corroded.


I was going to say that @reecee if my comments werent marked as spam. But there is a guy who can fix this.


How about a try?


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