What would be the best software and RAM combination for this computer

I have installed a new 120g hard drive in this machine which has hardly been used, but I do not have the original software. What's the maximum OS I can use? The machine currently has 256 ram.

I note from previous posts that Leopard 10.5.8 was recommended yet in another this was said to run slow. Also, apart from ebay can someone recommend a good supplier?

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Thanks for the response Rab, I have one RAM slot so can I use a single PC700 1 GB chip - you say to use 2 x 512's in your response?

When I mentioned that I was looking for supplier I was referring to the software for the operating system, I note comments in previous posts about using ebay. So I need a supplier for Tiger 10.4 (I assume this is best for this machine?).


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Actually your computer has one ram slot as you have found out. The preferred ram is PC 2100 but the computer will use PC 2700. You need one 1GB stick to max out your memory.

Operating system cost are out of sight for this model but probably the best way to go is with 10.5 Leopard. I have two reasons for suggesting this-- 1. The OS is still available from Apple for its original price of $129. I know this because I just purchased a copy in the last month but make sure they understand you want Leopard and not Snow Leopard which won't run on your computer. Call the Apple store and they will take care of you. The second reason I recommend Leopard is many software items are no longer being made to work with Tiger which could cause you problems later. If you max your memory and don't try to run to many apps at once Leopard should run fine for you. Good luck. Ralph

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+ here's where to get the 1 GB SODIMM for your machine: http://www.ramdirect.com/vcom/index.php?...

The eMac software will work for you and you can get it here: http://fastmac.com/osx.php


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Your maximum OS is Leopard, but that's pushing it, I usually follow the n-1 rule, so run Tiger. Leopard will be slow, sluggish, and unresponsive, Tiger will be responsive and quick (for the specs).

To max out the RAM, get two 512 MB sticks, and follow this guide, to max out the hard drive get this 5400RPM 320GB HDD, and follow this guide.

As for software, I suggest browsing the web with Firefox over Safari, as it's a lot more stable and responsive on older hw.

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Thanks Ralph - great advice.


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I have a 1.42Ghz iBook G4 with 1.5 gigs of ram on the original hard drive with 10.5 (leopard) and she runs just about as fast as my 1.8Ghz HP Mini 110 with 2 gigs of ram and 10.5. Which is saying something seeing as they are a good 5 years apart in age.

I am using TenFourFoxbrowser its better then firefox or safari, actually it runs pretty *^^* well.

I think TenFourFox runs on 10.4, so if you don't need any software that needs 10.5 i would do 10.4. (i however us CS4 and Espresso which both require 10.5)

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