Anyone know a way to find frequency of a key fob by spending $0?

So I have this car key fob with a potentiometer and I want to find the frequency so I can tune it to a frequency I can use for my current aftermarket keyless entry system or program it to work with my garage door opener. So my question is, is there a way I can find the frequency without purchasing anything off eBay or anything. I want to keep this as low cost as possible as its not important but it would be really nice to have.

Any good apps anyone knows?

Thanks to anyone who can give me valuable info!

Also, i noticed many bad questions. This is what a good question should look like for reference. Plenty of detail on whats going on.

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@cam2363 ,would you happen to have a friend with a digital scanner with various frequency coverage .


@lpfaff1 Highly doubt it. All of my friends are minors as i am so i doubt they would have one. Also as im the only one who does this sort of thing, i would be the most likely to have it.



Before you go to too much trouble trying to find out the answer to your question perhaps it is better to find out if your idea is feasible in the first place. You might be hardware constrained.

With regards to what you want to do, are all the devices mentioned, frequency and signalling compatible?

Are they all designed to operate within the same band, supposedly yes but at exactly the same frequency, not necessarily, and can that be altered in all or any of them to suit, if not?

Are they AM, FM, rolling code ASK or FSK etc?

Knowing the make and model numbers of all your mentioned devices may help to find this out if the information is in the public domain.

Seems strange that they have a fob with a pot to change the frequency if that's what you mean, usually it is dip switches if at all, (pots can drift) The frequency in the US generally was 315MHz (don't know about now though) also employs ASK (amplitude shift keying) but some may have moved over to FSK (frequency shift keying) who knows?


@jayeff thanks for the answer. Ill get the fcc id and possibly the.model later to help


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