Are replacement parts available?

My DNS-323 just died and won't power up. If I press and hold the power button, the two small drive lights both just flash dimly.

I'm assuming that the circuit board has simply died and was hoping that I could find a replacement part so I can fix it myself.

If not, can someone tell me if I can simply remove the drives and mount them in a standard desktop tower to retrieve the files on them. Are they stored in standard Windows format?

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Windows cannot read the Linux partition. You will need a Linux reader/writer of some kind

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Thanks Pusabum. Yes, I found some simple free software that allowed me to access the drives. It was indeed a formatting issue, as I suspected.

What is SO aggravating is that D-Link was absolutely No help. Their overseas call center techs were just reading off of cue cards and had no real idea what my issue was or how to help. Sad.

So, I was able to just copy everything over to another drive and then reformat them for Windows. It really sucks that D-Link couldn't just post this information on their site and include a simple app to do this. The only thing they were interested in was selling me another one (for $150) No thanks! Doubtful I'll buy Anything from them in the future.

Anyway, Thanks


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Windows is not a format. You should be able to remove and place it inside a Windows PC. Windows is designed to be flexible, and it is. You could also get a SATA dock, to make the job easy.

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Thanks George. I guess I misspoke about the "Windows Format". What I meant was, if I install the drives as a slave drive in a Windows PC, will it be able to read them, or does the DNS-323 use a different format that a Windows PC would not recognize.

I don't have an SATA dock and was hoping not to have to buy any additional equipment. I have a few PC towers with an extra hard drive slot. But my original hope was that I could find parts to just repair the DNS-323 instead of trashing it.

Either way, I need to figure out what my options are for retrieving the files on the drives and the D-Link tech support wasn't very helpful unless I paid a lot of money for premium service. I don't think that's very fair, seeing as how the unit just died without warning or reason. They simply told me it's been discontinued.


Placing them in your towers should be easy. Power the PC down, open er' up, and attach SATA data and power cables. Windows reads and writes in nearly all formats. Keep in mind the files may be hidden by default, so you may have to go to file explorer options and enable "veiwer hidden files and folders."


Yup. I know my way around the inside pretty well. I was just afraid the DNS used some type of proprietary encryption or something. The two drives were set up as a mirrored system, so they should both be identical. Just need to access them. Thanks for the help. Very much appreciated.

Still wish I could find a replacement circuit board to repair the DNS, but not much luck so far. They're all discontinued and everyone just wants to sell you a new one.


Hi @bretz1 ,

If you're keen you can always join the bidding war. Scroll down to view the ones on offer and also the amount of interest in them.


Even if it isn't stored in a regular fashion, D-Link probably has some software for accessing it correctly. I wouldn't worry though, because there isn't much reason to store it strangely.


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