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The Samsung Galaxy J1 Nxt (also called the J1 mini) is an Android smartphone released by Samsung Electronics in February 2016.

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Why is my touch not responding

Touch screen sensitivity

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rodgersgenya , You may want to try a hard reset as a corrupt App/software/etc., could be causing the issue(1st link below shows steps for resetting your phone). If reset does not fix the digitizer could be faulty or perhaps you could try cleaning the digitizers connection with a Q tip/soft cloth dampened with 90%+ Isopropyl Alcohol and reseat the connection. 2nd link show disassembly of device to access connections to enable cleaning and reseating. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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There are multiple possibilities as suggested by @lpaff1 it could be internal or a data coruption. And it can also be your digitiser is bad. If you can't find any other possibility you may need to replace it.dont worry you can do this yourself (I recommend it if you have atleast a little tablet knowledge. If you feel like it's to hard or just want to leave it to pros there are many cheap places that will provide quality that can be found mearly by searching. But if your still on this guide I will tell you what I know about replacing screens. I am not a professional but I do know some as I have fixed tablets and laptops. It may sound complicated but if you read closely it is very simple. So on one of those tablets I don't think their are any screws but if there are remove them. You are gonna need a screen replacement set for a tablet but there should be a suction cup in there. Use it to GENTALY remove the screen. You may need to do a blow dryer on the edges to loosen it up to fully remove it. Then there should be cords and things connected to the screen and the mother board is fixed to the back casing or there is a few cables attached to the back casing and the motherboard is fixed to the screen depends on what type of tab in case you didn't know for sure your is this kind. If it is fixed to the casing then there should be a cable or two connecting the screen CAREFULLY unplug it with plyers or if your set came with a tool use it to just lift it a bit wile wiggling it to loosens it out of place. Don't rip the cord because it is attached to the mother board and will cost to fix. Then remove the screen and replace it with a new one but be carefull to get no dirt in it as it could cause damage. Then reconnect the screen by reversing what you did to unplug it and your done. Just set it back in after moving everything back to how it was and apply a very minor amount of pressure. Reinsert any screws and your tablet is in working contrition. If the motherboard is attached to the screen with a tool of your choice (I won't suggest but preferably flat and a little sharp because a variety of things can work) and remove any glued speaker or anythingfrom the casing and unscrew the motherboard.remove the motherboard and it's cords and remove the LCD from the digitiser via more unscrewing and set the LCD and the motherboard in a safe place ( your gonna need em both) then get your new digitiser and safely remove it but keep your components clean to prevent damage. Then put the LCD on the digitiser and screw it back in place. Then reconnect the motherboards cables and screw it in. Then glue any components back into the casing that you took off with glue designed for electronics (you may have to order it) then set it and let it sit for 24 hours even if it says two hours let it sit just to be safe. Then put the motherboard/LCD/digitiser back into the casing. Lightly press it back in and reinsert any screws and your tablet is ready. Remember every component is important when fixing electronics so put everything back how it was or you could have to take in your tablet to a repair shop or damage it to the point of needing a new tablet. If you have any questions comment them and if you think your tablet is different describe it and to the best of my knowledge I will help. I hope this info was useful but remember also to look at other people's comments since they may include information I don't have.

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Screen touch not working

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