Panasonic cordless phone shows charging but actually it's discharging

I have the set of 5 Panasonic cordless phone. The problem I face is very strange.

On some of the battery charging points, the phone shows charging on display but actually it's not charging. What can be wrong? The battery charging point is Panasonic PNLC1050.

It looks like that some of the battery charging points are not able to charge the phone (if charge is low), though the phone says charging on display. The same phone gets charged on other battery points. For me, the phones charge only on 2 of the 5 battery charging points I have. Infact the strange thing I find is that if the charge in phone is low, then it doesn't charge at all, though the phone screen says charging. After 36 hours or so, the phone loses all charge even when it was on faulty battery charging points all along.

What can I do to solve the problem? Why would a battery charging point not charge my Panasonic phone though it shows its charging?

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I'd like to add that I've experienced this same problem. The entire set was stored in box for 2 years after using it for about 3 years. When setup again, I found that I could only charge handsets on the base station and none of the three remote chargers would work. It would show "CHARGING" status for 2 or more days and then the batteries would go dead. Purchased new batteries and same.

Purchased a replacement charger and cradle from Panasonic ($30!) and that one works.

I suspected a problem with the cradles, but never believe that all 3 could have gone bad. Now I'll have to investigate them more carefully.


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How old are the batteries?

The phone could say that they are charging, as long as the voltage/current from the charger is the correct value.

If the batteries are old they could be failing to hold their charge.

Even rechargeable batteries have a life span. (the average life is around 500 charge / discharge cycles)

Try replacing the 2 batteries with new ones, in just the one phone to see if this resolves the problem. (Allow them to fully charge before first use) They are not that expensive.

The batteries that are required are Ni-MH 1.2V AAA (R03) size.

Here is an image taken from the User guide that shows how to replace the batteries.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Here is a link to a supplier. It is not a recommendation to use them, it is shown to give you an idea of the cost of the batteries. There are plenty of other suppliers available for you to choose from.

Update (03/19/2017)


Is there enough contact spring tension being placed by the charger connectors onto the phone charge connectors?

With the power disconnected from the charger you may be able to feel the tension in the charger connectors by gently pressing down on them with a wooden toothpick or other similar probe that fits. Check if there is a difference in the spring tension between the chargers that work and those that don't

Are the charger connectors, clean and shiny (this should ensure a low resistance connection)?

Are the phone charge connectors also clean and shiny (for the same reason as above)?

It may be that if there is not enough contact pressure or there is resistance in the connection between the phone and charger that the phone may intermittently not charge.

As you say that they are new, if all else fails, verify the purchase date on the sales receipt or proof of purchase document and if the date is still within the manufacturer's warranty period. then consult the manufacturer's warranty statement in the User Guide as to what to do to make a claim for a manufacturer's warranty repair or replacement.

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No, the problem is not with batteries. The batteries and phone both are new. I have changed batteries aswell but that has had no affect.

After observing the problem for a while now, I am sure problem is not with batteries. The same phone gets charged with another set of battery charger.

Out of 5 battery charging points, 3 are giving problem. As mentioned, the phone shows charging when docked in these 3 battery charging points but actually they are not charging and after being on the dock for 48 to 72 hours, the phone loses all the charge and shuts off.

However, I don't face the problem of charging the same phone on 2 of the battery charging points.

I am wondering what could be happening on these 3 battery charging points that phone shows charging but actually it isn't charging.


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There is a diode on the circuit board, if this is faulty the phone will show to be charging- but the charger will actually drain the hand-set batteries. I de-soldered this off the board and re-placed with a small diode off a defunkt circuit board that I happened to have, any small value diode should fix this. The old diode must be removed. Mine now works fine.


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where is that diode?


It's a small black component on the circuit board with 1328 m2s printed on it in tiny print, the diode symbol is just below it. This needs removing from the board and a new one soldering in place, remember it will only work the correct way round


If the location of the diode on the hand set or the cradle?


It's in the the cradle, undo two cross-head screws and pull the base off. It's a small circuit board-there's not much to it.


David is a genius! I had two bad handsets and bought new rechargeable batteries and another AC charger at a junk store (but not the base). Then I found this and replaced those diodes. All good now!


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I don't know enough to replace diodes or repair my phone or base. I have the same symptoms of the original poster. Is it more likely the problem is with the handset or base? I'll just replace the culprit.


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