TPMS is Reading 0 PSI

Hey, so I got 4 brand new sensors for my 07 Murano. I had them programed and 3 of them read just fine, but the 4th reads 0 psi. Not **, so the sensor works and it connected to the computer, but reads 0psi, how do I go about fixing this?

And how do I turn off that %#*@ Tire Pressure Light on the Dash?

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You say that the sensor works because it reads 0 psi.and not **. To me it indicates that the sensor may be faulty especially if the tyre is NOT 0 psi.

Are you getting a flat tyre or low tyre message at all from the system?

I also think that the tyre pressure light will stay on because there is a tyre with low pressure being indicated i.e. 0 psi.

Have you swapped the sensor to prove whether it is the sensor or the position that is the problem?


On the altima the tire pressure light goes out when all tires are over a certain PSI. I suspect the Murano is the same. I agree with jayeff. I think the 0 psi sensor is defective.

Also, does the Murano have a spare tire? There is a sensor in that one too usually.


Hi @avanteguarde ,

I think that the spare doesn't have a sensor.

The 2007 owner manual states

..." When a spare tire is mounted or a wheel is replaced, tire pressure will not be indicated, the TPMS will not function and the low tire pressure warning light will flash for approximately 1 minute and REMAIN ON after the 1 minute". (Sect. 2-13)


Hi @avanteguarde ,

Seems as though Toyota are better than Nissan.

To me it is typical of Nissan's lack of appropriately / adequately equipping their vehicles. Why leave the sensor off the spare? Aren't you ever going to use it? Wouldn't it be nice to know that it was also inflated correctly (after getting it programmed into the TPMS) in case it takes a while to get the other wheel fixed?

Another grouch of mine with Nissan is with their XTrail model sold in Australia. This is an SUV which they equip with a 'space saving' spare tyre, max speed 80 k.p.h. , range approx. 100 Km, do not tow a caravan/trailer with the tyre in service. Where do they think people go in SUVs in Australia - the suburbs? They do offer a full size spare if you ask but then you lose 1/2 the boot space because there is nowhere to store it!


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Rohit Goswamy , This information is(copy/paste) from the forum link below.

To reset, you must "exceed" 33/34 psi on all tires (so try 36-38 psi when tires are cold and with an accurate tire gauge) for the light to go out . It can take a quite a few miles driving stop and go for the TPMS warning light to turn off automatically.. Adjust your psi only in the morning when it is cool/cold and with an accurate tire pressure gauge!

Once the light is out, reset to 33+ (34-35 for LE) when tires are COLD. The cold part is critical so do your tire psi adjustment(s) only in the morning before driving. Remember, if ONE of the tires psi dips down to 31/32 you will see the TPMS warning light turn on. AVOID adjusting tire pressures when tires are warm.

Remember, ascertain your pressure gauge is accurate!

If you go through this procedure and 1 TPMS still reading ( 0 ), it will be faulty, it may have picked up dirt when installed or simply defective from new. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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