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42" plasma, 2012 production date, no power,no red indicator...

Mine has done this several times, only way I can get it to come back is to leave it UNPLUGGED for 72 hours and then it seems to work. The above button sequence did not work. Seems I read somewhere about a resistor / capacitor or something needs to cool down? Power supply is good. I have tried holding the power button for 60+ seconds and holding power and channel selector, nothing works except (in the past) leaving unplugged for three days.... Any advice?

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@traditions1_ same model? 5 blinks as well? Besides unplugging it, what have you tried?


Oldturkey03, the model is TC P42X5. I tried all the above last night, no changes. It is unplugged now, day one of the three day waiting period. I have not taken the tv to any repair shop. the production on the back is 2012.


@traditions1_ it does have the 5 blinks or does it have other issues?


It does not blink at all. When plugged in there is not any red light. The power supply is good BTW.


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@traditions1_ Panasonic TV's have a reputation for power boards going bad. Plasma TV's made in / around 2012 have some faulty components that go bad. Replacing the power supply unit usually fixes the problem. I know you stated that the power supply is good, but you did not tell us if and how you tested it and what you found during the time your TV did not start.

Update (03/12/2017)

to remove the power supply follow these instructions

Block Image

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The power supply (outlet/surge protector) was tested simply be plugging another item into it and it working. As for the tv, it does not do anything when it gets into this mode or prior to it happening, simply turn it off one day, and it doesn't work the next. It simply does not work, no red light at all, and I've never seen a red light other than when it is on. It is back working again because I waited the 3 days to plug it back in. As I look at it right now, there is not a red light indicating power is attached but the solid red light does come on when I turn the tv set on. It has never blinked on any occasion. This last episode was seemingly caused by a power outage but I do not believe it is isolated to that as it has occurred before for not apparent reason. I will look into getting the power supply unit on the television replaced if/when it happens again.


@traditions1_ I am referring to the power supply on the inside of your TV.


Right, I don't have anyway to test that power supply


I see you'd need at least a multimeter to make some checks. If nothing else you can always go ahead and replace it. Just purchase it from somewhere that excepts returns.


where can you purchase a new power board


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